23 December 2011

Hello and Welcome!

Merry Christmas Eve eve, I am finally up and running and raring to have a bash at blogging. My first post is merely to introduce myself to you all and hope that my ramblings won't put you off from visiting again??

I'm Rubie Magpie and I love idle chit chat, making and collecting pretty things.  It's my mum, if asked, she won't hesitate to confirm this by the way, who describes me as a magpie. Growing up, if it sparkled or shined and was not nailed down, it would conveniently disappear into the realms of my room, I just couldn't help it, I love pretty things, that's why I have decided to use this space to display my findings, inspiration and things i've made to hopefully strike up some conversations about, well anything and everything you fancy along the way.

Please bare with me as I find my bearings over the next few weeks, I have been awaiting the arrival of my new connection to the world and finally, after waiting very patiently, we were joined together on Wednesday and our new friendship has just begun, so watch this space!!

Thank you for popping by!

Speak soon and Merry Christmas xx