31 March 2012

Free Spirit Adventures

Free Spirit, the name of this absolutely stunning screen print, which certainly lifted my spirits when I first saw it. It is now hanging in my home and makes me smile every time I see it, as there is a very special story behind it. 

Designed and printed by Lisa Stubbs over at 'Lil Sonny Sky, this very special piece of  happy delight has been produced to help raise funds for a extremely worth while cause.

Pop over to 'Lil Sonny Sky here and here to read the full story.

Good Luck on your adventures Lisa


29 March 2012

Not a Cloud in the Sky...

Been a busy little bee in our garden today, by the looks of it, I wasn't the only one hard at work. 
It wasn't even late afternoon and I found this little bug drunk on nectar! Or my Bruce Forsythia as I call it (don't ask, it's the only way I can remember what it is! haha!) The yellow flowers were truly stunning against our blue sky today! Feels like spring is most definitely here now.

A question for you...Do Ladybugs collect pollen?  Not sure I know the answer to this one. Still while I was busy with rehoming the not so baby anymore 'Marto Pants' (please pop over to Magpie's Patch for an update) I caught one of the 'Kitkats' catching some rays. Oh! the life a cat leads...

Cats sleep anywhere!!!


28 March 2012

Home Sweet Home

Boy, what an ending to my day!! This was me at 5.30pm tonight...

Eventually home after being sat stationery on the motorway for 2.5 hours, but it's this bit that made me chuckle looking back. 

After already travelling home for an hour from work, this was before I came to a complete stand still. When I took this picture, I was only 7 miles from home with not a clue as to  what was happening. Not far away at all but I was one of the last vehicles to leave the carriage way at 7.40pm. So 3.5 hours later, I finally pulled onto my drive way!

All 'crafty' plans scuppered for me this evening, will I ever get started on the next hooky round? Still mini magpie was rescued from nursery by her wonderful auntie, bathed and in her cousin's spare Pj's when I eventually arrived to collect her. All ready for bed and so am I now.

Night, night! Sweet dreamsxx

21 March 2012

Liebster Blog Award

Tonight, I would just like to say a huge 'Thank you' to  All4meggymoo for nominating Rubie Magpie with a 'Liebster Blog' award:

As you may at this point, have begun to realise I am still relatively new to this marvellous, magical world of blogging and I am still finding my way around so never expected to receive a blogger award but I just hope that through my ramblings I can find some more people to have some idle chit chat with who are as into creating handmade things, vintage finds, and design as I am. 

As I have blog hopped (the 'husb' would say "got side tracked more like!") I have found some very incredibly talented crafters, designers, makers and bakers who I have been following over the passed weeks and been engrossed in their adventures.

So for a bit of background...

The Liebster Blog Award

The origins of the Liebster blog are somewhat unclear, however the general consensus is the German award meaning nearest and dearest is awarded to up and coming blogs with less than 200 followers in order to showcase these blogs.

The rules are:

  Say 'Thank You' to the blogger that gave you the award by linking back to their blog.

  Copy and paste the 'Liebster Blog' award onto your blog.

♥ Choose 5 blogs with less than 200 followers to award the Liebster Blog Award.

  List the 5 blogs you nominate and link back to their blogs.

So without further a do, I would like to give my first "Liebster Blog" Award to the following blogs and the lovely ladies behind them for providing us with very interesting reading and inspiring me with their adventures. 

3: Hinterland Mama at Hinterland Mama

5: Bonnie at Pretty Dubs

So go grab yourself a cupa, sit back and enjoy a good read. I hope you like them too.


20 March 2012

Doe- a deer, a female deer...

As I was taking this photo of my new scrum-diddly-umptious coloured cottons, bought solely to give me a nudge and encourage me to crack on with the mountain of sewing projects that are now backing up, I've spent the whole day singing Do-Re-Mi from the sound of music. Arrrrgghh! How annoying?...

Now tell me your not singing it and that songs not stuck in your head too

Whoops! Sorry!!


19 March 2012


I've been wanting to say that for such a long time, TA-DAH!! there said it again!

For those of you not familiar with my eagerness to shout this splendid word, I apologise for shouting so loudly but I think hope you will see I'm real happy with my offerings and maybe agree I can now crochet just a wee bit more than I could back in Jan?

I knew nothing! Couldn't even create a slip stitch to start without assistance, let alone create a solid foundation chain to work into but a month on (or a little more as I am late posting my results, whoops! so sorry!) I wanted to share with you my favourite little squares.

My Challenge was set by my sweet friend at All4meggymoo to 'Learn Treble Crochet Stitch' thoroughly within the a month and who knows where it might lead. 

Basically, when I first blogged about learning to crochet, I had to admit I wasn't exactly progressing as well as I'd hoped : (  Soooo... All4meggymoo said if I can master the treble stitch, my prize was to make my very own birdie decoration that All4meggymoo posted about here. Check him out, he's delectable!  

I have now totally fallen head over hook, line and sinker for this craft, it's just so therapeutic! So, hopefully when my fabulous friend and challenger see my very best squares, she will be pleased with her young jedi crocheters results?? 

What do you think??  Have a passed?


P.S **Update** **Update** **Update** **Update** **Update**              

If you have time please pop over the Magpie's Patch for a 'Marto Pants' (to you and I they are known as "Tomato Plants" but to my nearly two year old mini magpie they are known as the above! haha! Love her!) update!! **

18 March 2012

What a lovely day!!

Today has been such a lovely day for me. My second Mother's day! I was woken up this morning, not by a cup of tea or breakfast in bed but by a very excited Mini Magpie opening my presents as she ran in to wake me. Yes, that's right, I wasn't allowed to open my gifts, she was opening all the pressies that she and her daddy had bought for me. Haha! Now that's sharing mummy apparently!

Mini Magpie had made me a card at nursery this week and planted some seeds for me to have beautiful flowers on Mother's Day. She also gave me a new set of bird measuring cups and a book called the Artful Bird which I have been anchoring after since my friend Denise introduced me to her copy not so long back. 

Mini Magpie and I spent a lovely afternoon checking out all the delightful and extraordinary birds that have been created and star in it. Definitely would recommend it to all you crafters out there.

So all in all, I have had the most fan-tabulous day! Hope you all have too.

08 March 2012

Ta-dah! Isn't Mother Nature wonderful?

pop over to Magpie's Patch for an update xx

P.S Long over due I know, but over the next couple of days I will reveal the results of my 'Treble Stitch Challenge'

04 March 2012

March is here, Hooray!


Just a quick post tonight, I've been a bad blogger and want to apologise for my absence and updates. I've had a few engagements and appointments that have whisked me away from here. I'd also like excuse myself as I probably won't be able to post for the next week as I have a big deadline to hit by Monday.

So welcome to March, hope all is well with you and I will look forward to catching up with you all soon.

Bye for now and thank you for popping by xx