03 September 2012

Trying something new..

Yep! Thought I would try my hand at a new craft recently and despite a few minor incidents in which I took my felting needle for granted, we are getting on like a house on fire, I just need to pick up the pace a little.

So here is the story so far of Project: Foxie Loxie
Wasn't sure where to start or what to make, but here goes and my obsession with woodland creatures seemed to be the obvious choice.

Starting out his life as a mere ball of wool, I have found myself constantly stabbing (can't think of a nicer way to put it) Foxie Loxie into some sort of shape, well his head anyways. I've noticed it is a very time consuming craft, one that can not be rushed as injuries occur. I unfortunately dropped my 7 pronged needle on my big toe last week and it gave me a nice tattoo! Doh!

Still I am finding it very therapeutic, just like crocheting, which I have to say has taken a back seat, hopefully not for long though.

I have noticed something while typing away...since I started blogging in January, I have been very inconsistent and some what flighty. I seem to start something and never finish it (e.g my crochet birdie, he's still half finished) Too many open ended projects.

You see, I am easily distracted, temptation is too great, I'm just drawn to so many inspiring crafts, like bees to flowers, flies to... and wander of on a tangent. I just want to try my hand at everything. Where is the harm in that? I know...you should finish what you started young lady, heard that so many times.

Wandering off on a tangent does have its plus points though.
I mean, take yesterday for example, I was tackling my cousin's wedding stationery (this was after needle felting, making dinner and playing shops with Mini Magpie) I needed to load up gold thread into Sadie (my sewing machine). Realising that yet again I had forgotten to purchase extra spools to save me winding on a new coloured cotton over the last and then unwinding it when it isn't needed but i need the colour three different thread colours deep, I suddenly had a 'eureka' moment. 

I wasn't going to waste cotton any more, uh-uh! no-sir-ree.
I wasn't going to be lazy and discard it, rehoming it in the waste bin. 
I was going to find something to attach it to and save it to be used again...but what could I use? 
Looking around my wonderfully tidy, huh! yeah right, I'm flighty remember, craft room, I couldn't see anything to hand, until...waiting patiently behind Elsie MAC, were several toilet roll tube inners that I had been saving to grow my next batch of seedlings in. 

Instant cotton reel!! Soooo sorry just had to share. Just like putting neat bleach onto mould really does zap it away!! FACT! It really disappeared before my peepers.

Anyway, before you give up on me and I am committed for too much babbling, as the nights will be drawing in soon and my favourite time of year approaches, here are a couple of my latest finds, in some of my favourite Autumnal colours. Meet my new sewing tins.

Thanks for sticking with me tonight, nice to have you here, till next time...