27 December 2012

Forgiveness needed!!

Oh Boy!
Merry Christmas!
Am I too late to say that?
I truly hope you have all had a jolly good time over the last few days?
Where have a you been? I hear you ask...
Good question!

Life has run away with me.
I think I have blinked and missed the last seven weeks since I last posted.
One thing is for sure I have loads to fill you all in on.

First things first.
If you still here with me, I have to tell you about a fabulous swap that Shelly (my bff ) over at All4meggymoo is hosting.

I 'heart' it!
Shelley has an obsession with hearts (the ornate variety) for as long as I can remember. 
Last year, from me, Shelley's birthday present simply consisted of nothing but heart shaped objects.
So please join in, I know I will be, by following the link above and spread the 'LOVE'.
While you're there, why not sit back with a cupa and catch up with Shelley's makes, creates and marvellous bakes, you won't be disappointed!!

Also, while I'm here, can I just introduce you to Foxie Loxie's friend, Spike. 

The buddies together!

This pair of ickle critters has kept me entertained while Elsie Mac (my beloved computer) was having her hard drive replaced.
Which is another reason for this magpie's absence.
Oh! and potty training Mini Magpie.
A Wedding.
A Multitude Birthdays.
A Christening.
Work in the Real World
And Christmas!
It's been all go at this end!

I also need to fill you in on my time at the WYPW (The West Yorkshire Print Works) and how I got from here...

...to there in a fabulous screen printing weekend!

So please don't give up on me??
I will return to tell all in the New Year!
Wishing you a very peaceful 2013 that's filled with everything you enjoy and lots of happiness with everyone you love to spend time with.


Much love xx

P.S To all of you beautiful people who took the time to comment on my last post back in October, I would just like to 'thank you' all for your lovely comments, all very much appreciated and to welcome Hazel over @ Hazel's Crochet to Rubie Magpie.