09 July 2013

Follow your dreams...

Day 9 || Dream 

Thought I might have had a dream to doodle.
I certainly did a lot of thinking and doing before bed last night!
Alas, must have slept soundly!
Don't remember a thing!


08 July 2013

Getting carried away!

Day 7 || Paisley

Busy day yesterday! 
Didn't get chance to post this!
Took FULL advantage of the glorious weather!!
I heart sunshine!!
And... watching Murray win!!!!!!

Day 8 || 3D

Just want to say a special thank you to Tammy over at My Journey, your comments made my day!

Thank you so much for your very kind words!


06 July 2013

I heart pattern!

Day 6 || Pattern

Toughie this one!
Love pattern!
Played at doodling pattern most of yesterday!
Result = Late post but decision made!
What could be more appropriate than to create a pattern with this symbol!


05 July 2013

Loving this doodling lark!

Day 5 || Rose 

Found doodling roses very therapeutic!! 

As you can see!


I'm busy 'doodling' nothing, working the whole day (honest!!)

Day 3 || Sun

Day 4 || Robot

Haha! Enjoyed this one yesterday!

Also, feel really honoured!
My Mandala was chosen by Annelies as one of her favourite four of the day.
Thank you!


03 July 2013


Oh my! We have hit July
The seventh month of this year!
July 2013!!
Where is it going?

Many thanks to RM from RVH (hee! hee!, we like are abrievations!) and Hazel from Hazel's Crochet , your comments on my last post made my day.
Totally putting me at ease.
I was sooo grateful to receive them, I can't tell you! 
I would also like to welcome on board my brand new followers, hope you enjoy your stay and I promise I will have bits and bobs for you to read shortly.

Thought I would start by working in reverse really.
What am I up to right now??
For my challenge this month...
I have decided to get my doodle head on and take part in A Doodle A Day!

Hosted by Annelies over at her beautiful blog Studio Ann (simply an inspiring place to visit)
It is a Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest challenge
You could still play along though if you don't fancy following on one of these.
I'm Instagraming!
What else eh?
I'm still head over heels with it

Here is what I have to dooooo....dle!!

 So far: 

Day 1 || Tree {I'd like to be a tree}

 Day 2 || Mandala

I learnt something new yesterday!
This doodlehead had no idea what a Mandala was.
Thanks to Wikipedia I now understand.

Mandala (Sanskrit: मण्डल Maṇḍala, 'circle') is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the Universe.[1] The basic form of most mandalas is a square with four gates containing a circle with a center point. Each gate is in the general shape of a T.[2][3] Mandalas often exhibit radial balance.[4]
The term is of Hindu origin. It appears in the Rig Veda as the name of the sections of the work, but is also used in other Indian religions, particularly Buddhism
{all the above taken from Wikipedia}

Gosh they are beautiful!
Just hope I did it justice?!

I am working on Day 3...
Will post when complete.


29 June 2013

I'm still here...

Just wanted to let everyone know that I'm still here.
Still wanting to blog!
Lifes adventures have just carried me away from Rubie Magpie.
I am in the process of gathering evidence of my adventures 
(trying to ease my guilt as I've been away far too long)
So please bear with me!!

Hope everyone is ok out there in Blogland??

Much Love


27 March 2013

Checking In...

Boy! Oh Boy! Oh Boy!
I have given myself a talking to!
What a bad blogger I have been! 
The thing is I have fallen in L-O-V-E!

It's a good job I have really.
I have been up to all sorts over this past month.
With the help of my new found love, I hope I can fill in some of my blanks as to my where-a-bouts.

My little brother, 
Who am I trying to kid.
He towers above me.
My little brother, seven years younger than me,
and my only sibling, is getting married in 4 weeks time.
Had the great honour of being asked if I'd like to make their wedding stationery!
Like Derrrr! It would be my pleasure!!!
Love Weddings!!
So 142 cut out hearts (by my own fair hands) later...


All complete and ready to send!
Will be starting on their place cards and table plan at some point this week!
Very excited!
Not only has my brother and his wife to be asked Mini Magpie to be one of their flower girls! 
They are getting married up in the Lake District!
Sooo, we have booked an extra long weekend away!
Hope this weather brightens for them????

Anyway onto what seems to have been a month of partying!
Just, not for me!
Mini Magpie's has been a very social butterfly.
There has been a new slice of birthday cake gracing our plates every weekend so far!!
Party bags galore!!
Our first of the month was a visit to The PINK PIG!

It's local to where we live here the UK.
Making visiting a regular pleasure and is a superb place to for all ages to enjoy.

There is plenty to see and do.
From looking at all the farm animals, tractor rides to the adventure play ground.
So if the fresh air doesn't knock you out, running around after the children will.

Mini Magpie pretending to drive herself home apparently!!

Highlight though after all my outdoor activities - my guilt free enjoyment of freshly baked quiche and scones for my lunch.

Next came Mothering Sunday
March 10th over here.
I was truly spoilt by my husband and our lil' lady!

I think my favourite part of my day has to be baking butterfly buns with mini magpie, my (almost) 3 year old tiny human for the first time.
It struck me, Mini Magpie obviously is at the stage of just wanting to do what I do!
Wanting to help out!
She was extremely helpful!!
Even wanted to do the washing up!
You can come again to Mummy's Kitchen!!

Here's how we got on


Mid way through March Rubie Magpie reached a milestone.
I have 50 'Fabulous' followers.
Fancy that!
Little old me!
Thank you so much to everyone who tunes in.
I know posts have been a little sparse of late. 

Had to show you this one quickly!
Never turn your back when a mini magpie is about!!
The left overs from my brother's stationery made my carpet sparkle like never before.
Never again I hope!!
Poor little lamb, she can't help being addicted to pretties just like her moma.

I thought by now Spring would be upon us!
Seems I have been misled some what!
Apparently Spring was owed time off in lieu.
NO Really!!!
Well doesn't help when you have a tiny human asking if it's Christmas everyday because it's snowed again when we open the curtains, now does it!!

All that aside, it has left me finding some interesting frozen cat prints.
Pleased to say I didn't find a cat attached to them a bit further down the path!

And weird snow drifts!!
This is actually a flat grass verge believe it or not!!

So what's a girl to do when the weather is cold outside?
That's what!
More cupcakes!
This time I wanted to test out my homemade heart cake toppers that I made for the 
'I love hearts' swap.

My last pic I thought I'd show you is what I arrived home to today!

We are having so building work done inside our home.
Started yesterday with the demolition of two internal walls.
I think my 'Kitkats' thought they would pay the builder back for disturbing their cat nap by making their own mark!!
Hee! Hee!

Also, the gorgeously lovely Karen over at Two Cupboards in a Kitchen is have herself a ***GIVEAWAY*** 
Alls you have to do is pop over and say Hi!!
You won't be disappointed as her corner of blogland is a treasure trove of loveliness!!
Click on her picture in my side bar and it will lead you straight there.
Good Luck!

Well before I go, just wanted to let you know if you fancy taking a peek at some more  fun and frivolities that I have been up to of late, just click on my 'Instagram Love' button and it will transport you into a bit more of my crazy world.

I've just realised that it is way passed my bedtime,
I will check in with you again tomorrow as still would like to welcome some new peeps to Rubie Magpie and introduce you to their worlds but for now...

Sweet dreams


25 February 2013

Magnificant Magpie

Today is a rarity!
I HAVE A DAY OFF - eek!!
Today, I have time to myself with out the tiny human running around, Mr Magpie or wedding stationery work to complete.

And...I have been dying to share this little beauty (above) with you since she flew into to my life on Valentine's Day but every time I have sat down and fired Elsie Mac up, my plans to post have been scuppered.

So, Rhiannon I totally apologise for the delay in showing off your talents!!
I have to say I was so chuffed with your gifts and over the moon with my Rubie Magpie, you wouldn't believe. 
At present she comes everywhere with me.
Can't decide where to put her and leaving her hanging around could prove dangerous as Mini Magpie already has her beady eyes on her.

For those of you lovely peeps just tuning in {Welcome!} I must fill you in on how and why my magnificent magpie came to land in my neck of the woods.
She arrived with along with a whole load of other goodies as part of a swap I took part in.

The I Love Hearts " swap hosted by the lovely Shelley over @ all4meggymoo
What a lot of heart shaped goodies that made their way into our homes all because of you!
Actually, what a lot of heart shape lovely-ness full stop.
Never seen so much!
And, when it came to the handmade item you had to make and send your partner, what a lot of thought everyone put in.
Fab job everyone and...
Well done Shelley!
What a fantastic job you did hun!

Lots of lovely people {full list of swap partners here} took part.
I was paired up with Rhiannon over @ Me, Myself & I.
After stalking, sorry,(cough) chatting to Rhiannon and bombarding her with a million questions, we exchanged our gifts via snail mail.
Result-the arrival of 'Happy Mail'

What a lucky Magpie was I? Thank you so much Rhiannon!

And thank you as well, for sending stickers for Mini Magpie.
They went down very well, keeping her entertained as I opened my pressies.
She created this lovely piece of art for me with them.
Adding "I love these stickers mummy and I love you too"

If you haven't popped by Me, Myself & I , make it your next stop!
You won't be disappointed!! 
A crochet queen!
I can but only dream to be one!!

Here's what I sent to Rhiannon
Very baking orientated but I thought that Rhiannon and her daughter H could have some fun.
It turns out that we both have little princesses that are very similar ages so I thought one rainy day, it might help to entertain.
For my handmade item, I made Rhiannon a 'feltie friend'.
Her WIP name was Snuffle~

Thank you again and was really nice to get to know you!

Before I go off to make a brew, I just wanted to welcome Deborah over @ Bee Happy. Lots of absolutely gorgeous ideas for your home can be found here. Well worth a read!
And the very talented ( although she claims to only be in training! ) artist Pam Dearmond over @ Pamdearmond art and as well to Katarina K @ My Kite Song, thank you for introducing me to your creative space, I love fairy tales and never want to grow up so I feel at home here. Lastly, but by know means least, hello to Kippy all the way over in Brazil.
Welcome to Rubie Magpie, please enjoy your stay!

I would also like to send my apologies to Hilary over @ lemon loves, I had forgotten my password to the mail account where you sent me a very lovely message, thank you by the way! Once resolved, well, remembered {after many times of racking the creative cotton wool between my ears}, I found a lovely surprise waiting for me.
I had been nominated by Hilary for a Liebster Award - an award of appreciation given by bloggers to bloggers - you can find out more here on her delicious and inspiring blog. 

Bye for now... 

Have a nice evening!


14 February 2013

You make my heart go BOOOOOOMMM!!!

A view through 68 cut out hearts by my own fair hands for my little brother's wedding stationery.

Happy Valentine's to you all!!
Is LOVE in the air today?
Is LOVE all around? (thanks Marti Pellow! Shall be watching Notting Hill later!)
What is the meaning of LOVE to you?
For me, it's a great big hug!!
LOVE them!!

Hope cupid works his magic today!!


05 February 2013

Totally Random...

 ...and needed to share.

Oh my word!!
Very more-ish!
Tooooo more-ish!
Who would have thought it??
Seaweed flavoured Pringles!
They are now my favourite snack in this whole wide universe.
They arrived here, to tickle my taste buds all the way from Thailand.
And tickle they did!
It's probably a darn good job they can not be found in Asda* (*other supermarkets are available) as I think I would have shares in them.
Although, as they look like they do on the tin...(Yes, it's true, they really are 'green' coloured Pringles)...
If I did keep eating them I would probably turn the same colour.
That's what my moma used to say...
"If you carry on eating all those, you start to look like one"
She also used to say if I had a frown on my face...
"If the wind changes, you'll stay like that"
Please to say that it hasn't!!
But I imagine if I continued to eat this lots and lots of this delectable delight, I might turn out like greedy little Violet Beauregarde did in Willy Wonka and Chocolate Factory (1971 version, the best, my all time favourite movie) when she turns blue!!
We'd make a right pair!
I'm sure they say 'Blue and Green should never be seen' though.
Maybe there is a lot of 'E' numbers in this snack.
A final note about my new found foody love, if all else fails, I can call our local chinese takeaway and order crispy seaweed in a little foil carton.
Not much difference there then.
I'd just preferred the idea of Seaweed crisps.

On another foody treat note...
Out and a about last week, I found giant sizes bis-quits!!
Fancy that?!
Oooo with a brew, yes please!

P.s I am still on with my 'I love hearts' swap package and will be giving it to Mr Posty this weekend. Will post pics after my swap partner, Rhiannon over at Me, Myself and I has received it.

And welcome to Rubie Magpie Claire from over @ Mad Maison. Pop over and say hi to Claire, I'm really enjoying catching up with her shenanigans and I've fallen for Wolfie xx

30 January 2013

****Little Dotty Bird is having a 'GIVEAWAY' ****

****Stop the press!!!****
The lovely Lisa (a.k.a Little Dotty Bird) is having herself a dotty little giveaway!
Spreading a little love around blogland with her handmade dinky dotty heart brooches.
Love,love,love them!!
And alls you have to do is simply... become a follower!!
How good is that?
Lisa popped over to Rubie Magpie and introduced herself a week or so back.
Me being me, nosey!! (cough) I popped over to Little Dotty Bird to take a peek at the author who left such a lovely comment.
So glad I did!
I was not disappointed!!
Not only is Lisa a super duper crafter, especially with her sewing machine but her voice behind her adventures has very much kept me entertained over the past week as I have caught up with her shenanigans. 
Can't wait for her next instalment!

Pop over!
Have a read for yourself!
Say Hi!
You never know, you could bag yourself a treat in the process!!


P.S I would just like to say a BIG thank you to everyone who wished Rubie Magpie a Happy '1st year of blogging' Birthday. 
Very kind of you! 
What an 'Eeeee-jit' I am for forgetting about it!!

And...welcome aboard to Rhiannon @ Me, Myself and I (Rhiannon is my swap partner in the 'I Love Hearts' swap over at All4meggymoo, and super duper crocheter). JoKnows, her blog is full of delectable delights and to Karen over @ Two Cupboards in a KitchenFind out just why Karen has an obsession with shelves! (love your idea behind your blog Karen!! genius! your shelves filled with gorgeous goodies will keep this magpie hooked with intrigue to what you will be displaying next!!)  Enjoy your stay here at Rubie Magpie, so pleased to meet you and happy you popped by x

21 January 2013

Belated Wishes for Rubie Magpie

I missed my blog birthday!!

How on earth did that happen??

This time last year I was a mere twinkle in Blogland's eye.
Happy 1st  Birthday Rubie Magpie
Never did I think I'd see a year pass as quickly as 2012 did.
I think I blinked and missed it!
Nor did I for a second, think that peeps would be interested in the what I had to say. 
Here, there and around the world.
I just thought it would be these four walls, a large mug of tea and Elsie Mac (my faithful computer)
Over whelmed!!
That's what I am!
I have had such fun along the way. 
This new journey has been a great way to document my makes and finds and meet like minded crafts people along the way!
It's a delight!

I'd also like to take this opportunity thank each and every one of you who take the time to read my babble and to comment, I love hearing from you so 'THANK YOU'
You make my day!!

So here's to the next year of creative adventures.

What's on the horizon??
Well, what better way to start this year than a swap
I'm very excited!
Lots of peeps have entered!
Here is a list of all the entrants and links to their blogs pages.
Take a peek!
I am currently being introduced to some very talented crafters.

Snatasha3 - Lissylou

Fantastic result for our host, the lovely Shelley.
Now we all have our 'partners in swapping crime', let the swap commence!

My partner is the lovely Rhiannon over at Me, Myself and I (adventures of a crafty mum).
I am very much looking forward to stalking, (cough) getting to know her and sending her some goodies that I hope she will like and find useful?!
So far, my time spent reading about her adventures has been very good indeed and I am in ore of Rhiannon's crochet makes.
She is inspiring me to take this craft up again.
I'm still learning!
So please, if you haven't already, pay her a visit. 
Say hi!
You won't be disappointed!!

Ok so, over the next few weeks, I will be busy foraging around to find bits and bobs for my swap as Shelley would like us all to send our packages to one another by Valentine's day so I best get cracking.

In the meantime I hope the snow isn't disrupting daily life for you too much.
Keep safe and stay warm!
Grab yourself a large cup of hot chocolate, that's where I'm heading now and then returning to check out some more lovely blogs to get lost in.

Oh! and Happy New Year everyone!! 
Hope it's a good one for you all!!

Much love 


P.S I would also like to a big hello Lisa @ Little Dotty Bird, Tiffane @ An Aussie Felter Wendy @ Young Heart as well as House of Nicnax and Mirjam over @ Stins.
Welcome aboard, enjoy your stay here at Rubie Magpie, so pleased to meet you and happy you popped by x