27 December 2012

Forgiveness needed!!

Oh Boy!
Merry Christmas!
Am I too late to say that?
I truly hope you have all had a jolly good time over the last few days?
Where have a you been? I hear you ask...
Good question!

Life has run away with me.
I think I have blinked and missed the last seven weeks since I last posted.
One thing is for sure I have loads to fill you all in on.

First things first.
If you still here with me, I have to tell you about a fabulous swap that Shelly (my bff ) over at All4meggymoo is hosting.

I 'heart' it!
Shelley has an obsession with hearts (the ornate variety) for as long as I can remember. 
Last year, from me, Shelley's birthday present simply consisted of nothing but heart shaped objects.
So please join in, I know I will be, by following the link above and spread the 'LOVE'.
While you're there, why not sit back with a cupa and catch up with Shelley's makes, creates and marvellous bakes, you won't be disappointed!!

Also, while I'm here, can I just introduce you to Foxie Loxie's friend, Spike. 

The buddies together!

This pair of ickle critters has kept me entertained while Elsie Mac (my beloved computer) was having her hard drive replaced.
Which is another reason for this magpie's absence.
Oh! and potty training Mini Magpie.
A Wedding.
A Multitude Birthdays.
A Christening.
Work in the Real World
And Christmas!
It's been all go at this end!

I also need to fill you in on my time at the WYPW (The West Yorkshire Print Works) and how I got from here...

...to there in a fabulous screen printing weekend!

So please don't give up on me??
I will return to tell all in the New Year!
Wishing you a very peaceful 2013 that's filled with everything you enjoy and lots of happiness with everyone you love to spend time with.


Much love xx

P.S To all of you beautiful people who took the time to comment on my last post back in October, I would just like to 'thank you' all for your lovely comments, all very much appreciated and to welcome Hazel over @ Hazel's Crochet to Rubie Magpie.

14 October 2012


...and as promised an up date on Project: Foxie Loxie.

Project: Foxie Loxie is starting to take shape.

After deliberating for an age as to whether or not poke more white felt fluff into Mr Loxie's face.
I caved.
Now I know it was the right thing to do.
Still can't believe how lovely needle felting is.
Feels just like you're are drawing with wool. 

On the picture below, I started to add in Mr Loxie's white beard.
Continually stabbing with a single felting needle, this helped me add in all the extra fluff he needed.

Sara @ bichinhos na cabeca asked if I would put a mini tutorial together for those, like me, who are trying this craft for the first time. 
No problem!
It is top of my to do list! 
In the mean time here is where I found my felting needles and this is where I laid my paws on some divine colours for future projects.

For Mr Loxie's nose, I simply cut a triangle piece of normal crafting felt and again, poked.
Mr Loxie has been totally trial and error so far.
I had a spot of fun styling Foxie's hair.
Only kidding!
His head needed a little more shaping after adding on his ears.
Cool though, don't you think? ; )

Slightly worried that I was just carrying around the head of a creature who has a name but nothing else, next on the to do list must be his body.

In the same way I made his head.
Using an odd end ball of wool that I had left, I started to wrap orange felt fluff around it, poking it into the ball of wool as I go.
On a plus side, stabbing the felting wool into the old ball of wool has quickened up the forming process and saved me using all of the orange coloured fluff.
Will do this again on future projects.
So as I continued to shape his body, stabbing and poking away. 
I thought he needed a nice white bib.
Having the bib shape in mind, I took more white fluff and poked it into position.
Oh the joy!! 

Thought it was about time to marry these two floating body parts together.
Come on! 
What's he going to look like???
So taking a long, sturdy darning needle and the help of a very experienced {in the soft toy making department} good friend of mine. 
We made 2 parts became 1!
Foxie Loxie has started to gain some character!
I added the eyes in the same way as I had his nose.
My little friend just needs some limbs and his tail now.
Oh his tail!
It's under construction as I type.
Very Basil Brush style bushy. 
Hee Hee!

Watch this space!
Till next time...Take care


Two weeks on...

All Finished!
I can finally share what I have been up to over these past two weeks...

Love is in the air....
                  ...30 ribbons tied...
                                                      ...100 hearts sewn...

                                                                             ...to bring two beautiful people together...
                                                                                                        ...to become one fabulous team.

The fun I have had buried under mountains of ribbons, beads and sequins.
Sticking my fingers together with super glue.
All in the name of  L.O.V.E!!!

Can not wait for the big day!


01 October 2012

White Rabbits!...White Rabbits!...

...White Rabbits!!!

October 1st 2012
I heart this time of year in a big way!
It's my favourite colour palette.

I know an entire month has passed before me since I last posted.
My absence can be explained.
The main reason is my cousin is getting married this December and I had the honour of being asked to create the 'happy couple's' wedding stationery. Time is not on our side though so it has been full stream ahead.
Ever spare minute has been covered in sequins and sparkly beads.
Oh the excitement!

I'm also still locked into Project: Foxie Loxie. {photos to follow}. 
I also can't wait to upload my photos of my birthday present that the magnificent Mr Magpie bought me for my birthday this year.
A child free weekend ticket to the West Yorkshire Print Works (WYPW) Screen Printing Course.
And I also wanted to thank everyone who left lovely comments about my new project and about other posts I have made, you all made my day!

Sara, I will, I PROMISE!! , catch up with you and answer all your questions about needle felting asap. 

Plus, just before I sign off for the day and head to work, I would like to say a huge, warm 'welcome' to my new followers here at Rubie Magpie. 
Hope you enjoy your stay!

Have a good day everyone!!


03 September 2012

Trying something new..

Yep! Thought I would try my hand at a new craft recently and despite a few minor incidents in which I took my felting needle for granted, we are getting on like a house on fire, I just need to pick up the pace a little.

So here is the story so far of Project: Foxie Loxie
Wasn't sure where to start or what to make, but here goes and my obsession with woodland creatures seemed to be the obvious choice.

Starting out his life as a mere ball of wool, I have found myself constantly stabbing (can't think of a nicer way to put it) Foxie Loxie into some sort of shape, well his head anyways. I've noticed it is a very time consuming craft, one that can not be rushed as injuries occur. I unfortunately dropped my 7 pronged needle on my big toe last week and it gave me a nice tattoo! Doh!

Still I am finding it very therapeutic, just like crocheting, which I have to say has taken a back seat, hopefully not for long though.

I have noticed something while typing away...since I started blogging in January, I have been very inconsistent and some what flighty. I seem to start something and never finish it (e.g my crochet birdie, he's still half finished) Too many open ended projects.

You see, I am easily distracted, temptation is too great, I'm just drawn to so many inspiring crafts, like bees to flowers, flies to... and wander of on a tangent. I just want to try my hand at everything. Where is the harm in that? I know...you should finish what you started young lady, heard that so many times.

Wandering off on a tangent does have its plus points though.
I mean, take yesterday for example, I was tackling my cousin's wedding stationery (this was after needle felting, making dinner and playing shops with Mini Magpie) I needed to load up gold thread into Sadie (my sewing machine). Realising that yet again I had forgotten to purchase extra spools to save me winding on a new coloured cotton over the last and then unwinding it when it isn't needed but i need the colour three different thread colours deep, I suddenly had a 'eureka' moment. 

I wasn't going to waste cotton any more, uh-uh! no-sir-ree.
I wasn't going to be lazy and discard it, rehoming it in the waste bin. 
I was going to find something to attach it to and save it to be used again...but what could I use? 
Looking around my wonderfully tidy, huh! yeah right, I'm flighty remember, craft room, I couldn't see anything to hand, until...waiting patiently behind Elsie MAC, were several toilet roll tube inners that I had been saving to grow my next batch of seedlings in. 

Instant cotton reel!! Soooo sorry just had to share. Just like putting neat bleach onto mould really does zap it away!! FACT! It really disappeared before my peepers.

Anyway, before you give up on me and I am committed for too much babbling, as the nights will be drawing in soon and my favourite time of year approaches, here are a couple of my latest finds, in some of my favourite Autumnal colours. Meet my new sewing tins.

Thanks for sticking with me tonight, nice to have you here, till next time...


28 August 2012

"How does your garden grow...?"

I wish it was with fairy magic! 

It appears that not even Mini Magpie's magic, dressed in her over-sized wellington boots and  tatty, "I not want new wings mummy", could help "Magpie's Patch" this year. 
The weather has put an end to everything I have tried to grow in my new veg patch. Which is why I have had nothing to report of late. I was so excited at the beginning of this year with all the seedlings that what grew.
I had high hopes for my new patch but with lingering frost in April, scorching sunshine and all the rain we've had, I just lost my battle to grow my own : (

I seemed to have reared slugs and snails, no puppy dog tails but an abundance of earwigs instead. I've never seen so many!!! Arrrggghhhhh!!  They have all munched their way through my potato leaves, which was all I had left. I've never really thought I had a phobia of any creepy crawlies, but until now, I had forgotten just how much earwigs freak me out!! 

My 'Marto Pants' (MM's name for tomato plants) grown from scratch at the beginning of the year never materialised for me and every time I planted out the courgettes I'd grown from seed, they would disappear quicker than I could plant them again. It was like the scene out of Wallace and Gromit 'The Curse of the Were Rabbit' where all the carrots kept disappearing. I would come out the next day and POOF!! GONE!! Curse you slugs!!!

Still I live and learn.
I've written it all down on paper and I'm hoping that my little helper can wave her magic watering can (it's almost as big as her, so I'm hoping it holds a lot of magic) and put a plan in place for next years crop. 

Fingers crossed!! xx

23 August 2012

A need to share...


Words escape me as to just how amazing this animation is. 
My friend D emailed this link and I just had to share the joy and my love for paper cuts (not the hurty kind) with you. If you get a spare minute (or 13) you need, must, omg, just have to watch this for yourself. You won't believe your peepers!

Created in 1980 believe it or not, crikey that means I was just two years old when Michel Ocelot, a French writer, character designer, storyboard artist and director of animated films and television programs (he also has directed a music video for Bjork) created this outstanding (in my opinion) piece of animated art, which was entirely created out of paper cut outs in and according to this article, tells the story of: 

"In a world of white lace, an inventive man, an inventive woman, and an inventive little girl invent beautiful and useful machines. But people don’t understand and get angry when things are not like they used to be". 

Michel Ocelot was named as the winner of best animated short at the 34th British Academy Film Awards for this piece and I can only say 'Totally well deserved'. Monsieur Ocelot is a genius!

Please let me know your thoughts...


A need to share...

       ... A Great British Inspired Giveaway!!!

Another snippet that I just have to share is look at this gorgeous selection of goodies that are to be given away to one very lucky person...image, sipping your tea out of this rather fine drinking vessel whilst slicing your favourite cake with this splendid tool shown above...Oh my! How good would that be??

Well, the lovely Sophie over @ A Good Year has very generously organised this fabulous give away after being inspired at just how 'GREAT' Britain really is. 

Pop over and read all about her what inspired her giveaway, join in and have fun or simply say Hi, you won't be disappointed you called by.


13 August 2012

From me to you!! My Jar of Love...

What did fly over on the wings of a Rubie Magpie to Rachel @ My Rainbow Vintage Home they wondered?? 

Well wonder no more my lovely reader friends, here are a few pics (apologies for the quality) to show you what I sent over to Rachel as part of our 'Jar of Love' swap organised by Katie over @ Booty-full Things. 

Do you recognise the patterned fabric I have used to create Rachel a pin cushion?? Hmmmm...now where have I seen that before I hear you ask yourself??

 It was originally this dress, found in a charity shop by myself and mini magpie...

It also helped create my handmade item that had to be included in the 'Jar of Love' swap...

I tried to sneak as many bits and bobs as I could into the jar. I popped in ribbons, pegs, a Cath Kidtson keyring, sweets from our past, a vintage tin with a vintage 70s/80s patterned scarf in it that I thought may come in handy as a piece of usable fabric, just trying to think what else?

Oh yes! Buttons that I backed onto old snap cards so they wouldn't escape around the jar...

And then finally, packed this little jar on its way, sandwiched between...

lots of rainbow drops for them all to enjoy!

Thank you again Rachel for my fabulous jar.


08 August 2012

What a Lucky Magpie I am!!!

Here I am again, sat here wondering where to begin?? 
Beaming with excitement as I begin to unveil my treasures found and received over the last few weeks. They have been the highlight of my days as I have been working extra hard and long hours recently, both at work and it's wedding season, so these delights have brightened my break times.

I think it's only right that I start with saying a big thank you to Katie over at Booty-full Things for organising the 'Jar of Love' swap. It was my first ever swap too.  

You did a fabulous job organising such a wonderful swap and making the little mouse who rides the creative cog bicycle inside my head work over time. I am now really enjoying catching up with all the entrants and their jars too. 

My partner for the swap was Rachel over at My Rainbow Vintage Home. If you haven't already visited her vibrant corner of blogland, you must make it your next stop. I had such fun putting her jar together, trying to guess what she might like or dislike, or would find useful on her creative adventures. By the looks of what Mr Postman delivered to me, Rachel did the same.

What a lucky lady I am!!  My Jar of Love was crammed with deliciousness!! Here are some piccies to show it off.

Now you can see how much fun I had unpacking all these tasty treats, can't you??
Actually, speaking of treats RM, thank you for the mini Haribo strawberries, a god send! They kept Mini Magpie's eagle eye and rummaging paws out of my jar for all of a good few minutes so that I could basque in my new treasures. A true bonus find in there, for her and me!! 

Sooooooo many goodies that will come in useful in so many ways, this RM says a ma-whooo-sive thank you to you for being a really cool swap partner, hope you enjoy your jar!



Bit more news on the screen printing front. Look what Mr Postman brought me the other day too.

Just a catch up for anyone who did know, I was totally spoilt this year on my birthday. Mr Magpie and the Mini One paid for me to attend a screen printing course, (something I have always wanted to try and not had the chance to do until now) at the West Yorkshire Print Workshop in September. A whole weekend of arting about fun!! 

So I thought I would swot up! 

If anyone has any advice on techniques or knows of any useful web sites I can look at as well, your advice would be gratefully received but in the meantime, you'll find me with my head in these books.

Also, I have more charity shop finds for you....

Be hold! Treasures (part 2)

Tea anyone?? 
£3 whole pounds for all these lovelies. I had to ask twice to make sure I had heard correctly. Way-hay!

Next, I spotted this dress. Mini magpie also caught a glimpse and decided to try it on, being for a 4-5 year it buried her! She looked so cute parading around in it over her clothes.
I'd had other ideas for it though!, does that make me a mean moma? It took a while to prize it away from her but I just couldn't resist the colours and it was the pattern that caught my Magpie peepers, I had a feeling it would come in handy for something?? 

Lastly for today, we also found these gorgeous children's books....

The old ones are the best, wouldn't you agree?


P.S I almost forgot...finally, after all this weird and dreadful weather we have had to endure since May, we have eventually got to taste the only fruits of our labour that have not been eaten by slugs or earwigs or washed away for that matter.

Meet our 'Charlottes'


21 July 2012

Five little ducks went swimming one day...

An open day and charity fundraising event took place today at Mini Magpie's Nursery. Lots of activities to do and things to buy. All in aid of a fabulous cause, all monies go to "Great Ormond Street Hospital".

This was the one activity I could not drag Mini Magpie away from...brings back good memories. It was my favourite game as a child too. Seem to remember winning goldfish though swimming around in clear plastic bags, thank goodness that's not the case anymore, (sorry fish, I fear for your lives with "The KitKats" around) MM's prize was a shiny gold plastic medal and after all that hooking, she didn't want to wear.

All seemed to be going well so touch wood, the nursery has raised fair old amount for a very worthy cause today.


P.S Miss Mischief's winning medal. Miffy rabbit had to wear it. xx

15 July 2012

Be Hold! Treasures (part 1)

Discovering forgotten treasures has been something I've found myself doing a lot of  recently. Charity shops just seem to draw me in. What can I say! I'm just so nosey, can't resist a peek inside to see what I can find. 
To see what people think they have no use for any more. Well, what is it they say?  "One mans loss is another mans gain"

Here are a few I'd like to share:

Wit-woo! Fab additions to my growing chintzy china collection. 5 gorgeous soup bowls. I could curse Ikea for persuading the ladies in my family to dispose of all things as beautiful as these lovelies.

And this beautifully illustrated children's book by Mabel Lucie Attwell. I fell in love with these chubby little cherubs. I knew of the British illustrator Lucie Attwell but never before come across any of her books. Simply wonderful and all based on her daughter Peggy, so cute!.  Kinda reminded me of how Mini Magpie is right now, all cute and squidgy. It has that really old but sweet smelling paper smell about it too. Couldn't resist!!

Love this! They have built a "Bird Scarer Man" to help protect daddy's plants.

My favourite type of books growing up were the ones that rhymed and this one is doesn't disappoint. It had to come home with me.

And in amongst some papers on the book shelf, another Lucie Attwell made an appearance. This little bathing beauty titled " I like it here!" well,I'm glad you do as I like you here too, at my house. 


14 July 2012

"When everything has gone...

...only love remains"

Just touching base after a very hard couple of weeks but I think the title of my post contains everything I can express at this moment in time. 

Our family lost a very special lady in our lives at the beginning of this month. Such a beautiful person and we all adored her. A mother, Grandmother, Great Grandma and most of all a very good friend. When I sit here and think about it, I sit here with a huge, warming smile on my face, remembering all the fun times we shared as I grew up (I was very close to my gran) and that makes me think what a very lucky girl I am to have been blessed to know someone as wonderful as you, Grandma. I will treasure all those very happy memories. Thank you!! I will miss you so much.

God bless you!