12 May 2012

Adventure Game

Just wanted to let you lovelies know that I'm taking a wee break for a week or two but will be back with you real soon.

Take Care 

See you soon xx

11 May 2012

Hooky Love

I am well and truly, 100% madly, deeply in love with crochet. Just to bring my new treasured followers ( Hello to you! so glad you popped in to say Hi! ) up to speed, this year I decided I must learn to crochet. So in January this year my challenge began. 

I didn't get very far very fast, I have to admit BUT... in February I was set a challenge by the lovely All4meggymoo that give me the kick up the behind I needed. I haven't looked back since, here are my results. 

This got me thinking... I must do more to make myself keep this craft up so I am working on little project, " Learn a Stitch a Month " (W.I.P title), open to all crochet beginners to hopefully encourage others to join me and post their results of the chosen stitch that month and we can compare notes.

I guess the idea is by the end of this year we should be a step further on with our crochet know-how and have learnt some basic crochet stitches thoroughly. I'm hoping that I will see light at the end of the tunnel, with new skills learnt, I could be on my away (one foot on the ladder) to  being like you fabulous crocheters who simply dazzle my mind with your talents. We shall see, it's definitely food for thought and work in progress. If nothing comes of this, at least  I could eventually make a massive blanket, maybe use it as reference for the basic stitches.

In the mean time I have started my birdie decoration with the help of All4meggymoo, we didn't get very far, the evening just run away with us but I am now able to say that I can crochet in rounds (as above) as I just get repeating what I learnt and I'm loving every minute of it.

I heart crochet!! 


**Update** **Update** **Update** **Update** **Update**  **Update**  **Update**            

I also have 'Marto Pants' news, it's not much really as the rain and frost that we have had recently has prevented me from establishing my tomato plants in the new Magpie's Patch but I did transfer them from my house into my potting shed (a.k.a, at one time, the summer house). They seem to be loving it in there as they are thriving. 

Here they are, waving from their new home, for the time being aways.

10 May 2012

Look! Look! There's treasures to be had...

What a find I stumbled across today! My peepers were dazzled by such a beautiful and colourful blog, I'm not ashamed to admit to you all I have thrift find envy right now, ah-huh! for sure I do. WOW!!

Simply full of treasures old and new around each corner. A must pop over see and so worth a peek! Rachel, I can't wait to see what you find or make next!  Thank you for sharing your finds.

Picture taken from My Rainbow Vintage Home

But hey! It doesn't stop there, oh no!!  My Rainbow Vintage Home is having a giveaway!! Click on the link and fingers crossed. Hope lady luck is on our side! 

Good Luck Everyone!

09 May 2012

About the "BIRDS and the BEES"...

I have been meaning to blog about my latest adventure over to Leeds a couple of weekends ago since I went. I feel ashamed that I have kept this from you but my friend Herman ( after taking the majority into share with work friends, the last piece of Herman left the building tonight after my tea, yumee! ) and motherly responsibilities have just made time fly away. 

Luckily for you guys though this very delightful exhibition of 'The Birds and the Bees' at Leeds Craft Centre & Design Gallery, just under the City's art gallery is still running, you haven't missed out as it will be until the 30th of June 2012. It's so worth a visit if you get chance.

If you have forgiven me for keeping this little gem to myself for longer than I should have, it cheered my friend D and I up on a very rainy Saturday as we found some very, very nice artists, designers and crafters there too. Follow the links to their sites. Enjoy!!

First up and to name but a few... Lucy Anne Harding, Becky Crow,       
Deborah Miles, Liz Toole, Jane Muir, Suet Yi Yip, Bree Harrison, Bev Milward, Jane Ormes, Ann d'Arcy Hughes, Jo Barry, Shirley Vauvelle... 

and last, but by no means least, this little pretty caught roving my 'Magpie Eye'- It's by Fiona Cameron and it has made its way home with me.

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find out if she has a website to add here, just a Folksy page. If anyone happens to know if Fiona has a website or blog, I would love to add it but in the mean time I will sit and swoon over my new birdie addition.

Hope you get chance to go! 


08 May 2012

The proof is in the pudding...

...or is it in the eating??

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls...Let me introduce you to the marvellous, the most delicious, splendid smelling cake to be baked in our house to date! It smelt like Christmas, I tells thee!! After 10 whole days of waiting... He came, we ate and that was that !! Gone in a flash!

Let me tell you though, he was well worth the wait. Wait a minute, I've just realised, I'm sat here shaking my head. What am I doing? I am talking about a cake like he was my BBF. Who ever thought of this cake can be though. What a treat!!! Thank you!

Here's a few pics of what happened next to my mixture from Day 9 to Day 10 Bake Day:

Well, this friendship has come to an end for now...but Herman you will not be forgotten, forever in our heart, enjoyed very much by our tummies!!

Sweet dreams everyone


07 May 2012

Booty-full things...

The clue is in the title as not only is this a Booty-full blog filled with wonderful vintage finds and crafty adventures but it has been created by a Booty-full lady who goes by the name of Katie.

Katie has very kindly awarded Rubie Magpie with the "Versatile Blogger" award to which I would just like to take this opportunity to say a MASSIVE thank you to her and invite you to follow the link and take a peek for yourselves, in the meantime here is my award!

My next task will be to pass this award on and nominate other wonderful blogs, I have found some very deserving peeps so will post asap. Watch this space!

Till then, thank you so much again Katie, it's very much appreciated.


06 May 2012

Sharing makes the world go round!!!

Herman has been fed again and is now ready to be set free, run wild and live on in the houses of three of my friends. 

Tomorrow is my Little Herman's Big Day! The moment of truth, his calling, his one true vocation in this life!! Ok, ok! hands up if you think I'm losing it now?? 

Bake Day!! Day 10!!

Oh! and thank you to Mini Magpie for the loan of your fairies!! Mummy couldn't think of better icons to use to illustrate her friends ; )


05 May 2012

Day 8: Still stirring!

Following the friendship cake instructions, as a good friend would, another day of stirring required!! I wonder what Herman will look like in two days time?? Hmmmm! Or better yet, taste like?

Can't wait!! 


04 May 2012


First things first, a welcome to the world Harry James mention. My friend K, who we had a baby shower for a couple of weeks ago gave birth to a bouncing baby boy on Tuesday! Congratulations to the proud parents! xx

A Herman up date for you all next. He's still alive and going strong, not long now until one becomes four. I feel so proud that my cake is growing, haha! Yes! I'm very sad!

Lastly tonight, as quick as this week has flown, so have the last four years! Mr Magpie and I celebrated our forth wedding anniversary yesterday. Still remember our day (with a big beaming smile) like it was yesterday. Love you Mr Magpie!

Sweet dreams to you all


01 May 2012

Feeding time...

Just a quick update post on my friendship cake tonight. Apparently food is on his agenda.

Also, I was asked yesterday (by a friend of mine, hello! to you CW) how mini magpie did in the Easter Bonnet competition she entered at nursery. I'm so sorry I forgot to post about the results. Unfortunately, we didn't come anywhere this time (hand on heart, this wasn't the reason I forgot to post, honestly it wasn't). Nevermind, there is always next year! Funnily enough though, she wouldn't wear it on the day but hasn't taken it off since! 

Thanks for dropping by. Till next time...

Oh! nearly forgot...

...Last but by no means least, Nina at Tabiboo has recently reached her 300 followers mark, fab news! Congrats to you Nina! I can only dream of what reaching out to that many wonderful peeps would feel like but her little corner of blogland is so worth a looksey, so please pop in to visit. Even better at the moment as well... To celebrate, Nina is having a 'giveaway' of a bundle of fabulous treasures. You gotta be in to win it as they say. Go on, pop over an have a peek you really won't be disappointed!!