21 January 2013

Belated Wishes for Rubie Magpie

I missed my blog birthday!!

How on earth did that happen??

This time last year I was a mere twinkle in Blogland's eye.
Happy 1st  Birthday Rubie Magpie
Never did I think I'd see a year pass as quickly as 2012 did.
I think I blinked and missed it!
Nor did I for a second, think that peeps would be interested in the what I had to say. 
Here, there and around the world.
I just thought it would be these four walls, a large mug of tea and Elsie Mac (my faithful computer)
Over whelmed!!
That's what I am!
I have had such fun along the way. 
This new journey has been a great way to document my makes and finds and meet like minded crafts people along the way!
It's a delight!

I'd also like to take this opportunity thank each and every one of you who take the time to read my babble and to comment, I love hearing from you so 'THANK YOU'
You make my day!!

So here's to the next year of creative adventures.

What's on the horizon??
Well, what better way to start this year than a swap
I'm very excited!
Lots of peeps have entered!
Here is a list of all the entrants and links to their blogs pages.
Take a peek!
I am currently being introduced to some very talented crafters.

Snatasha3 - Lissylou

Fantastic result for our host, the lovely Shelley.
Now we all have our 'partners in swapping crime', let the swap commence!

My partner is the lovely Rhiannon over at Me, Myself and I (adventures of a crafty mum).
I am very much looking forward to stalking, (cough) getting to know her and sending her some goodies that I hope she will like and find useful?!
So far, my time spent reading about her adventures has been very good indeed and I am in ore of Rhiannon's crochet makes.
She is inspiring me to take this craft up again.
I'm still learning!
So please, if you haven't already, pay her a visit. 
Say hi!
You won't be disappointed!!

Ok so, over the next few weeks, I will be busy foraging around to find bits and bobs for my swap as Shelley would like us all to send our packages to one another by Valentine's day so I best get cracking.

In the meantime I hope the snow isn't disrupting daily life for you too much.
Keep safe and stay warm!
Grab yourself a large cup of hot chocolate, that's where I'm heading now and then returning to check out some more lovely blogs to get lost in.

Oh! and Happy New Year everyone!! 
Hope it's a good one for you all!!

Much love 


P.S I would also like to a big hello Lisa @ Little Dotty Bird, Tiffane @ An Aussie Felter Wendy @ Young Heart as well as House of Nicnax and Mirjam over @ Stins.
Welcome aboard, enjoy your stay here at Rubie Magpie, so pleased to meet you and happy you popped by x


  1. Oh another fellow blogger taking part in the lovely swap! Blog swaps are so much fun!

    Happy 1st blog birthday to Rubie Magpie!x

  2. You are so sweet! Thanks for visiting my blog by the way...
    I love your blog, so here is to another great year!
    It is so nice to meet other people like this , don't you think?
    This swap is my first "proper" swap, so I' m very exited about it!
    Love from Mirjam.

  3. Happy blog birthday to you!!! Have fun with the swap, can't wait to see goodies! xxx

  4. Awe can't believe it's been a year already! Happy blog birthday!

  5. Happy blog birthday!! Lovely blog!!! Karen :)

  6. Oh dear - happy belated and all that. One year - it is such a lovely feeling when a milestone is met.


    Nina x

  7. Happy - late - b - day! (blog day:P)

  8. Thanks so much everyone for your birthday wishes xxx lots of love to you all! X


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