08 June 2012

Return of the Mag(pie)


Happy 60th Anniversary Your Majesty!! 

Enjoy your Diamond Jubilee Ma'am!!

Oh me! Oh My! Where do I begin? 

Gosh! I feel like forever has passed by since I last checked in with you all but I'm back and how excited am I? 

Very!!!!!!!! To the moon and back that's how excited I am! (Crikey!, I don't where to begin sharing everything with you - I have brain fog or excitement overload, not sure which!!Not only have I had some fantastic adventures with Mr Magpie and our mini offspring, but over the past three weeks (sorry!, getting on for nearly four, I stand corrected!)  it's been one celebration after another and throughout June this will continue, so please forgive me as my posts will keep coming but just how quickly only time will tell, I have a lot to bring you up to speed on.

So I will start here!

Since returning from our 'olidays (as Mini Magpie called them) and in-between all the merriment of the past weeks, I have been catching up with all my favourite reads. First up, I spied with my "wide open with excitement" Magpie eye... my very first 'SWAP'.  

How many treasures does this Magpie think she could get in a jam jar?? Now there lies the challenge...and OMG!!! I was only very recently reading an article about 'The International Championship League of Matchbox stuffers'. 

"Whhh-at??" I hear you cry. Has she lost it? Where on earth do you read about something like that?? Haha! I was thumbing through Uppercase Magazine, while chilling.

Well, the article described how this Flickr group challenges you to take an ordinary match box and stuff it with as many items as you can. "Hmmmm, I remember doing this in the Brownies back in the day, I think I fancy a new challenge when I return home, I thought. "

So, I could hardly contain my excitement when I popped over to catch up with Katie at Booty-ful Things and found as Katie was approaching 100 followers, to celebrate, (just want to say here, BIG congrats to you Katie by the way, you have totally smashed through and over the 100 followers mark!!) she has created this wonderful 'Jar of Love' swap, inspired by the matchbox challenge she had taken as a child too.

What I fan-tabulous idea, I signed up straight away and can't wait to take part. I'll take a jar over a match box any day, much bigger space to fill with goodies. If you fancy taking part as well, please follow the link above. Or just pop over and say Hi anyways. Katie's place is always full of Booty-ful Things.

P.s Katie, I am hunting out jars as I speak. Some still have contents, but by the time I have a partner, they will be emptied and raring to be filled with pretties.

P.P.s The ice cream in the photo at the top of this post, isn't really an ice cream you know? No, no! It's actually a cake!! How good is that?? We had Jubilee celebrations at work and one very talented lady created this very delectable delight that had us all fooled. I simply had to have one, well, it would have been rude not too.



  1. Hey Rubie I've missed you! Sounds like you've been having fun though. I like the sound of the Jar Of Love, can you choose your own partner? If yes can I choose you? Sure we can find some lovely things to share with each other! x

  2. Hello sweetie! What a gorgeous post. You are so sweet and I'm thrilled your joining me in my first every swap! Can't wait. OMG, I didn't realise that was a cake in there. It had me completely fooled, I have to try that idea me thinks! Lots Of Love xxxxxxxx

  3. Sounds like you've been having a wonderful time, hope the 'oliday' was good! That cake is fabulous, how's that done? YUM! Look forward to reading more of your antics :)

    1. Hey Julie, hope you're well! I'm just sat here pondering actually,over what to post about next!! It turns out that it was a bun tucked inside the cornet. The taste of cornet and cake together was, surprisingly, a very nice combination funnily enough, topped off with vanilla frosting and the best bit of a '99, the flake! Yum-mee!! x

  4. Hi! How are you? I am so glad you are posting again ^^ I love the jars idea, I had seen it in magazines and things like that but oh my, this is a really funny thing to do!


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