09 June 2012

Something to 'Tweet' about...

...I just gotta tell you, I must, I must! 

If you are looking for a unique gift or just a treat for yourself, something a little different, then Bird's Yard has to be top of your  must 'go look-see' list of places to check out. 

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Now, as you may or may not have already begun to realise, this here girl, not only likes to chitter chatter on, oh! yes she does, but she cannot resist treasures when they are spied upon, after all isn't that what a Magpie does?? My roving Magpie peepers were wide open in excitement after my visit because within the walls of this gorgeous, distinctive building in Leeds, West Yorkshire are three floors showcasing an abundance of beautifully crafted products, all from local creatives. Goodies Galore!! Please follow the link above to check it all out for yourself!! You will NOT be disappointment with what you will find there. I know I wasn't!!

Bird's Yard- Leeds, West Yorkshire UK
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Which brings me onto my second shout out of this evening. Two very lovely ladies, one of which I have known for many years now, who go by the name of 'Busy Little Sweet Peas' and have really been living up to their name by creating an array of delights from children's clothing to giant apple door stops (my particular favourite). Something to be bought for all occasions. You can see them for yourself while you are at Bird's Yard, as the girlies have a booth on the ground floor. 

A little of background for you...Busy Little Sweet Peas, are two sisters who love to stitch and create fun and quirky handmade items whilst looking after there own little Sweet Peas, all of whom are their inspiration. 

Here are a few items to give you a taster of what 'Busy Little Sweet Peas' have to offer you.

Image courtesy of Busy Little Sweet Peas
Image courtesy of Busy Little Sweet Peas
So clever aren't they? If you like what you see or would like any further information please follow this link to their Folksy site or click on any of their images above to link you back to their Facebook page and you can contact them through there.

Thanks for popping by...till next time, sweet dreams


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