23 August 2012

A need to share...


Words escape me as to just how amazing this animation is. 
My friend D emailed this link and I just had to share the joy and my love for paper cuts (not the hurty kind) with you. If you get a spare minute (or 13) you need, must, omg, just have to watch this for yourself. You won't believe your peepers!

Created in 1980 believe it or not, crikey that means I was just two years old when Michel Ocelot, a French writer, character designer, storyboard artist and director of animated films and television programs (he also has directed a music video for Bjork) created this outstanding (in my opinion) piece of animated art, which was entirely created out of paper cut outs in and according to this article, tells the story of: 

"In a world of white lace, an inventive man, an inventive woman, and an inventive little girl invent beautiful and useful machines. But people don’t understand and get angry when things are not like they used to be". 

Michel Ocelot was named as the winner of best animated short at the 34th British Academy Film Awards for this piece and I can only say 'Totally well deserved'. Monsieur Ocelot is a genius!

Please let me know your thoughts...


A need to share...

       ... A Great British Inspired Giveaway!!!

Another snippet that I just have to share is look at this gorgeous selection of goodies that are to be given away to one very lucky person...image, sipping your tea out of this rather fine drinking vessel whilst slicing your favourite cake with this splendid tool shown above...Oh my! How good would that be??

Well, the lovely Sophie over @ A Good Year has very generously organised this fabulous give away after being inspired at just how 'GREAT' Britain really is. 

Pop over and read all about her what inspired her giveaway, join in and have fun or simply say Hi, you won't be disappointed you called by.


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  1. Hi Rubie I loved the movie, I am a big fan of short animated films, you can find some very nice things there! This one was amazing, the paper work almost looked like lace don't you think? ^^ Do you now one called "The invention of love" made in 2010? It is very similar to this one, but very sad, it is on youtube if you want to give it a go!


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