08 August 2012

What a Lucky Magpie I am!!!

Here I am again, sat here wondering where to begin?? 
Beaming with excitement as I begin to unveil my treasures found and received over the last few weeks. They have been the highlight of my days as I have been working extra hard and long hours recently, both at work and it's wedding season, so these delights have brightened my break times.

I think it's only right that I start with saying a big thank you to Katie over at Booty-full Things for organising the 'Jar of Love' swap. It was my first ever swap too.  

You did a fabulous job organising such a wonderful swap and making the little mouse who rides the creative cog bicycle inside my head work over time. I am now really enjoying catching up with all the entrants and their jars too. 

My partner for the swap was Rachel over at My Rainbow Vintage Home. If you haven't already visited her vibrant corner of blogland, you must make it your next stop. I had such fun putting her jar together, trying to guess what she might like or dislike, or would find useful on her creative adventures. By the looks of what Mr Postman delivered to me, Rachel did the same.

What a lucky lady I am!!  My Jar of Love was crammed with deliciousness!! Here are some piccies to show it off.

Now you can see how much fun I had unpacking all these tasty treats, can't you??
Actually, speaking of treats RM, thank you for the mini Haribo strawberries, a god send! They kept Mini Magpie's eagle eye and rummaging paws out of my jar for all of a good few minutes so that I could basque in my new treasures. A true bonus find in there, for her and me!! 

Sooooooo many goodies that will come in useful in so many ways, this RM says a ma-whooo-sive thank you to you for being a really cool swap partner, hope you enjoy your jar!



Bit more news on the screen printing front. Look what Mr Postman brought me the other day too.

Just a catch up for anyone who did know, I was totally spoilt this year on my birthday. Mr Magpie and the Mini One paid for me to attend a screen printing course, (something I have always wanted to try and not had the chance to do until now) at the West Yorkshire Print Workshop in September. A whole weekend of arting about fun!! 

So I thought I would swot up! 

If anyone has any advice on techniques or knows of any useful web sites I can look at as well, your advice would be gratefully received but in the meantime, you'll find me with my head in these books.

Also, I have more charity shop finds for you....

Be hold! Treasures (part 2)

Tea anyone?? 
£3 whole pounds for all these lovelies. I had to ask twice to make sure I had heard correctly. Way-hay!

Next, I spotted this dress. Mini magpie also caught a glimpse and decided to try it on, being for a 4-5 year it buried her! She looked so cute parading around in it over her clothes.
I'd had other ideas for it though!, does that make me a mean moma? It took a while to prize it away from her but I just couldn't resist the colours and it was the pattern that caught my Magpie peepers, I had a feeling it would come in handy for something?? 

Lastly for today, we also found these gorgeous children's books....

The old ones are the best, wouldn't you agree?


P.S I almost forgot...finally, after all this weird and dreadful weather we have had to endure since May, we have eventually got to taste the only fruits of our labour that have not been eaten by slugs or earwigs or washed away for that matter.

Meet our 'Charlottes'



  1. Gosh you have had an amazing week! So many goodies, well done. Which screenprinting course are you doing? I did the fabric one a couple of years ago at WYPW and it was fantastic. x

    1. Hi Jen, it's screen printing onto paper. Learning all the basics. I'm so excited, it's something I've wanted to try since dabbling a bit at uni. So how did you find the course you did? I'm really hoping it will be something I can carry on with in the future. RMx

  2. What a fabulous post crammed full of goodies and treats! Thank you for sharing
    Victoria xx

    1. Thank you Victoria, I have been chomping at the bit to post lately, I couldn't wait to share. I'm loving all the treasures yourself and Shelley swapped. We've all received some delights, haven't we? RM x

  3. You have been a busy girl. I love all your treasures.
    What a lucky lil Magpie you are.

  4. Aww what amazing treasures Hun. :-)

  5. Hi sweetie, sorry it's taken me a while to comment on this lovely post! I'm SO glad you like the jar of love I sent you, I had great fun choosing all those little bits and pieces, and I totally love the treats you sent me too! The pieces of Origami paper and the little paper flowers were bought in Japan, I went to visit my sister when she was living there a few years ago; and the fabric that I wrapped the TG Green jar in is a rare Dekoplus print. I'm glad the Haribo strawberries helped to distract Mini Magpie from all the other treasures!

    I'm also super impressed with your Picmonkey skills, this post looks amazing - I really must take the time to have a play on it, but maybe not till school starts again! Take care and thanks for being a fantastic swap partner, love Rachel x

    1. Rachel, I absolutely adored the whole jar! I just keep staring at it (yes, I'm sad I know haha!) and thinking what a lucky gal I am!! I love the fact too, that those gorgeous little pieces of paper have come all the way from Japan, very kind of you to share some with me. I have to say though, my favourite treasures were the jar itself and the fabric it was wrapped in, love, love, love it!

      Thanks again RM xx

  6. OHHHH I HAVE THE 10 LITTLE RABBITS BOOK IN PORTUGUESE!!! I used to love it when I was a little girl I was so excited to know you have it! this is so cute, I love it! ^^

    and how about that amazing jar?? you are such a lucky girl, I love the stamps, I can't wait to see what you'll do with this materials! (: have a fantastic time!


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