14 October 2012

Two weeks on...

All Finished!
I can finally share what I have been up to over these past two weeks...

Love is in the air....
                  ...30 ribbons tied...
                                                      ...100 hearts sewn...

                                                                             ...to bring two beautiful people together...
                                                                                                        ...to become one fabulous team.

The fun I have had buried under mountains of ribbons, beads and sequins.
Sticking my fingers together with super glue.
All in the name of  L.O.V.E!!!

Can not wait for the big day!



  1. Oh they are absolutely beautiful!
    Victoria xx

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Victoria, glad you like too. Hoping it explains so of my posting absence. My cousin and his fiancée were very please. Made my day!! xxx

  2. I think They are beautiful RM, well worth all of the effort. All your creations are very beautiful. you are so talented.
    Love Shelley x


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