01 October 2012

White Rabbits!...White Rabbits!...

...White Rabbits!!!

October 1st 2012
I heart this time of year in a big way!
It's my favourite colour palette.

I know an entire month has passed before me since I last posted.
My absence can be explained.
The main reason is my cousin is getting married this December and I had the honour of being asked to create the 'happy couple's' wedding stationery. Time is not on our side though so it has been full stream ahead.
Ever spare minute has been covered in sequins and sparkly beads.
Oh the excitement!

I'm also still locked into Project: Foxie Loxie. {photos to follow}. 
I also can't wait to upload my photos of my birthday present that the magnificent Mr Magpie bought me for my birthday this year.
A child free weekend ticket to the West Yorkshire Print Works (WYPW) Screen Printing Course.
And I also wanted to thank everyone who left lovely comments about my new project and about other posts I have made, you all made my day!

Sara, I will, I PROMISE!! , catch up with you and answer all your questions about needle felting asap. 

Plus, just before I sign off for the day and head to work, I would like to say a huge, warm 'welcome' to my new followers here at Rubie Magpie. 
Hope you enjoy your stay!

Have a good day everyone!!



  1. Love autumn too! Can't wait to see foxie loxie, and the stationary is looking gorgeous!
    Victoria xx

  2. Hello!! I love Autumn too, specially when we have sunny days but still the browns all around!

    Ohhh you are awesome to take into consideration my questions :D I can't wait for the answer!
    I hope the wedding preparations are going well, it seems amazing for what I can see here! Stay well!

  3. good luck with the wedding decorations, enjoy the Autumn! Heather x


Just wanted to say a 'BIG' thank you for taking the time out to leave your comments. Forgive me for not responding straight away but rest assure I WILL asap as I really appreciate your thoughts. Much love and thanks in advance Rubie Magpie xx