14 October 2012


...and as promised an up date on Project: Foxie Loxie.

Project: Foxie Loxie is starting to take shape.

After deliberating for an age as to whether or not poke more white felt fluff into Mr Loxie's face.
I caved.
Now I know it was the right thing to do.
Still can't believe how lovely needle felting is.
Feels just like you're are drawing with wool. 

On the picture below, I started to add in Mr Loxie's white beard.
Continually stabbing with a single felting needle, this helped me add in all the extra fluff he needed.

Sara @ bichinhos na cabeca asked if I would put a mini tutorial together for those, like me, who are trying this craft for the first time. 
No problem!
It is top of my to do list! 
In the mean time here is where I found my felting needles and this is where I laid my paws on some divine colours for future projects.

For Mr Loxie's nose, I simply cut a triangle piece of normal crafting felt and again, poked.
Mr Loxie has been totally trial and error so far.
I had a spot of fun styling Foxie's hair.
Only kidding!
His head needed a little more shaping after adding on his ears.
Cool though, don't you think? ; )

Slightly worried that I was just carrying around the head of a creature who has a name but nothing else, next on the to do list must be his body.

In the same way I made his head.
Using an odd end ball of wool that I had left, I started to wrap orange felt fluff around it, poking it into the ball of wool as I go.
On a plus side, stabbing the felting wool into the old ball of wool has quickened up the forming process and saved me using all of the orange coloured fluff.
Will do this again on future projects.
So as I continued to shape his body, stabbing and poking away. 
I thought he needed a nice white bib.
Having the bib shape in mind, I took more white fluff and poked it into position.
Oh the joy!! 

Thought it was about time to marry these two floating body parts together.
Come on! 
What's he going to look like???
So taking a long, sturdy darning needle and the help of a very experienced {in the soft toy making department} good friend of mine. 
We made 2 parts became 1!
Foxie Loxie has started to gain some character!
I added the eyes in the same way as I had his nose.
My little friend just needs some limbs and his tail now.
Oh his tail!
It's under construction as I type.
Very Basil Brush style bushy. 
Hee Hee!

Watch this space!
Till next time...Take care


Two weeks on...

All Finished!
I can finally share what I have been up to over these past two weeks...

Love is in the air....
                  ...30 ribbons tied...
                                                      ...100 hearts sewn...

                                                                             ...to bring two beautiful people together...
                                                                                                        ...to become one fabulous team.

The fun I have had buried under mountains of ribbons, beads and sequins.
Sticking my fingers together with super glue.
All in the name of  L.O.V.E!!!

Can not wait for the big day!


01 October 2012

White Rabbits!...White Rabbits!...

...White Rabbits!!!

October 1st 2012
I heart this time of year in a big way!
It's my favourite colour palette.

I know an entire month has passed before me since I last posted.
My absence can be explained.
The main reason is my cousin is getting married this December and I had the honour of being asked to create the 'happy couple's' wedding stationery. Time is not on our side though so it has been full stream ahead.
Ever spare minute has been covered in sequins and sparkly beads.
Oh the excitement!

I'm also still locked into Project: Foxie Loxie. {photos to follow}. 
I also can't wait to upload my photos of my birthday present that the magnificent Mr Magpie bought me for my birthday this year.
A child free weekend ticket to the West Yorkshire Print Works (WYPW) Screen Printing Course.
And I also wanted to thank everyone who left lovely comments about my new project and about other posts I have made, you all made my day!

Sara, I will, I PROMISE!! , catch up with you and answer all your questions about needle felting asap. 

Plus, just before I sign off for the day and head to work, I would like to say a huge, warm 'welcome' to my new followers here at Rubie Magpie. 
Hope you enjoy your stay!

Have a good day everyone!!