08 July 2013

Getting carried away!

Day 7 || Paisley

Busy day yesterday! 
Didn't get chance to post this!
Took FULL advantage of the glorious weather!!
I heart sunshine!!
And... watching Murray win!!!!!!

Day 8 || 3D

Just want to say a special thank you to Tammy over at My Journey, your comments made my day!

Thank you so much for your very kind words!



  1. Awww you're welcome! I'm only being honest. I like your art, it's so happy!
    Remember when paisley was popular in the 80's? Paisley reminds me of the singer Prince... I wonder why?
    I love your little guy with the shadow!!
    Tammy xx

  2. First of all, i would love to say that your blog is beautiful! It's so eye-catching and i just had to click the follow button!

    Mind if you take a look at my blog? I'm a beginner so your support would help me so much!



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