05 July 2013

I'm busy 'doodling' nothing, working the whole day (honest!!)

Day 3 || Sun

Day 4 || Robot

Haha! Enjoyed this one yesterday!

Also, feel really honoured!
My Mandala was chosen by Annelies as one of her favourite four of the day.
Thank you!



  1. Congrats on your mandala! It is very pretty, mine is so so so simple compared to that :x have a great weekend!

    1. Hey thanks Sara! I keep checking in to see if you publish any of your doodle! Please share!! ~Hope you had a beautiful weekend, the weather here in the UK has been amazing, for me it was like being on holiday in Portugal! Hope it's been good for you! xx

  2. I love your doodle, its very cute! And well done with getting your mandala doodle picked out :)


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