22 February 2012

Today I must:

Hello there! 

Hope today is being good to you so far! Nearly teatime! Blimey, hadn't realised how fast today has gone.

I've had the day to myself today. No going to work for me, had to get a holiday in before the holiday calendar ends at work so apart from a few appointments, I packed Mini Magpie off  to 'ner-ser-wee' as she calls it and came back home to make a start on a job that I have been putting off and putting off now for a long time.

Ok! Ok! I hold my hands up, I will admit I have become Pinterest obsessed and therefore this is why I haven't organised my room as I have got sidetracked and this site has taken over my life.

What a stroke of genius this site is!!!! If you have never visited this site before you should,  you must add it on your list of things to do. 

 For me, or the 'husb' rather, it should have come with a ***WARNING*** this site is so addictive you will loose your wife to the land of organised pin boards. Still the way I see it, he's glued to football and I've been a football widow for 9 years now so it's pay back time haha!!

What is Pinterest?? click here to get the low down, you will not be disappointed. Here's a sneaky peek at my boards so far:

So, are you tempted to peek and start your own boards?? Go on, you know you want to.

Right, I must make a start on what I am supposed to be doing but I will leave you with my latest find. How lucky was I to find this book? Especially as my 'Treble Stitch Challenge' is drawing to a close this time next week. I'm still 'Hooked'. Can you believe that this book was about to be thrown into a skip as no one wanted it? Rubie Magpie to the rescue!! It's full of useful advice, especially for a crochet beginner like me.

Enjoy your evening, thanks for popping by xx

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