01 February 2012

"Pinch, Punch it's the first of the month..."


Welcome to February, gosh! where, o' where did January go??? Did I blink and miss it?

Well,  today I have received a challenge! This should get my crochet fingers working.  Never one to shy away from a challenge, being a Gemini, there is at least one half of me that is very competitive, I accepted with grace and it's going to be full steam ahead for the next month.

My Challenge, should I choose (which I do) to accept it is... to 'Learn Treble Crochet Stitch' thoroughly within the next four weeks and who knows where it might lead. I have a pretty good idea where I would like it to, so I will let you read on. 

Basically, when I last blogged about learning to crochet, I have to now admit, I am not exactly progressing as well as I'd hoped : (   Soooo... All4meggymoo has said if I can master the treble stitch within the next month, my prize (which I'm soooo wanting to create) is to make my very own birdie decoration that All4meggymoo posted about here. Check him out, he's delectable!  

Boy, have I got a lot of hard work to do haha!!  Bonus though, I have just been informed I can choose my wool from All4meggymoo large stash ; )

BRING IT ON!!!!  Watch this space...

Sweet dreams! Thanks for dropping in xx

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