20 March 2012

Doe- a deer, a female deer...

As I was taking this photo of my new scrum-diddly-umptious coloured cottons, bought solely to give me a nudge and encourage me to crack on with the mountain of sewing projects that are now backing up, I've spent the whole day singing Do-Re-Mi from the sound of music. Arrrrgghh! How annoying?...

Now tell me your not singing it and that songs not stuck in your head too

Whoops! Sorry!!



  1. How have I not come across your blog before... it's gorgeous! I am totally in love with this stand for your coloured cottons, what a lovely idea! All I need is for a craft room of my own so that I have enough room for pretty things like this..! :-)

    Ashley xxx

  2. Hi Ashley,

    Just wanted to say thank you for you kind words, you really made my day!! Blogging is still new to me so was so nice to hear your comments! Hope you pop by again xx


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