29 March 2012

Not a Cloud in the Sky...

Been a busy little bee in our garden today, by the looks of it, I wasn't the only one hard at work. 
It wasn't even late afternoon and I found this little bug drunk on nectar! Or my Bruce Forsythia as I call it (don't ask, it's the only way I can remember what it is! haha!) The yellow flowers were truly stunning against our blue sky today! Feels like spring is most definitely here now.

A question for you...Do Ladybugs collect pollen?  Not sure I know the answer to this one. Still while I was busy with rehoming the not so baby anymore 'Marto Pants' (please pop over to Magpie's Patch for an update) I caught one of the 'Kitkats' catching some rays. Oh! the life a cat leads...

Cats sleep anywhere!!!



  1. I love the beginning of Spring! Did you plant this flowers? They are so cute I love yellow and yellow flowers!

  2. Hiya Sara, hope you're well! Me too,love Spring! Saying goodbye to the dark nights...hooray!

    The Forsythia was already in our garden when we moved into our house Sara. We've been here now for six years and it makes me very happy each year when it returns and blossoms, definitely means Spring is here x


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