19 March 2012


I've been wanting to say that for such a long time, TA-DAH!! there said it again!

For those of you not familiar with my eagerness to shout this splendid word, I apologise for shouting so loudly but I think hope you will see I'm real happy with my offerings and maybe agree I can now crochet just a wee bit more than I could back in Jan?

I knew nothing! Couldn't even create a slip stitch to start without assistance, let alone create a solid foundation chain to work into but a month on (or a little more as I am late posting my results, whoops! so sorry!) I wanted to share with you my favourite little squares.

My Challenge was set by my sweet friend at All4meggymoo to 'Learn Treble Crochet Stitch' thoroughly within the a month and who knows where it might lead. 

Basically, when I first blogged about learning to crochet, I had to admit I wasn't exactly progressing as well as I'd hoped : (  Soooo... All4meggymoo said if I can master the treble stitch, my prize was to make my very own birdie decoration that All4meggymoo posted about here. Check him out, he's delectable!  

I have now totally fallen head over hook, line and sinker for this craft, it's just so therapeutic! So, hopefully when my fabulous friend and challenger see my very best squares, she will be pleased with her young jedi crocheters results?? 

What do you think??  Have a passed?


P.S **Update** **Update** **Update** **Update** **Update**              

If you have time please pop over the Magpie's Patch for a 'Marto Pants' (to you and I they are known as "Tomato Plants" but to my nearly two year old mini magpie they are known as the above! haha! Love her!) update!! **


  1. Well done, I'm really struggling to progress with learning to crochet. As a lifelong knitter I just feel totally out of my comfort zone with one hook rather than two needles!

    I really need to make an effort!
    Fleur xx

  2. Hi Fleur, Lovely to hear from you, thank you for your comments, very much appreciated.

    I popped over to your corner of blogland, hope you don't mind, your work is amazing! I wish I could knit like you. I can only knit simple scarves I'm afraid.

    This year, like you though, I have decided to learn to crochet once and for all. So after completing my 'treble stitch challenge', I now plan to spend the rest of the year learning a new crochet stitch each month. Just making squares out of each stitch until I am confident I can do it, or it's embedded in my memory. If anything, I thought I'd make one big blanket out of all the squares at the end of it, if nothing else : )

    Why don't you join me in a ' Stitch a month' challenge?


Just wanted to say a 'BIG' thank you for taking the time out to leave your comments. Forgive me for not responding straight away but rest assure I WILL asap as I really appreciate your thoughts. Much love and thanks in advance Rubie Magpie xx