21 July 2012

Five little ducks went swimming one day...

An open day and charity fundraising event took place today at Mini Magpie's Nursery. Lots of activities to do and things to buy. All in aid of a fabulous cause, all monies go to "Great Ormond Street Hospital".

This was the one activity I could not drag Mini Magpie away from...brings back good memories. It was my favourite game as a child too. Seem to remember winning goldfish though swimming around in clear plastic bags, thank goodness that's not the case anymore, (sorry fish, I fear for your lives with "The KitKats" around) MM's prize was a shiny gold plastic medal and after all that hooking, she didn't want to wear.

All seemed to be going well so touch wood, the nursery has raised fair old amount for a very worthy cause today.


P.S Miss Mischief's winning medal. Miffy rabbit had to wear it. xx


  1. Funny how the oldest games and activities still seem to be the favourites! And I won a lot of those fish too when I was a kid. I think they used to die after about a week! x

  2. Aww yep I agree, very nostalgic ' the Duck show' was always my favourite..
    Have a week of fun!
    Love Maria x

  3. A very worthy cause. Looks like a super day out too. Love Katie xxx

  4. I love that Great Ormond Street Hospital can be shortened to 'GOSH' - hook a duck always reminds me of the fair when I was little. An absolute classic.

    Nina x


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