25 February 2013

Magnificant Magpie

Today is a rarity!
I HAVE A DAY OFF - eek!!
Today, I have time to myself with out the tiny human running around, Mr Magpie or wedding stationery work to complete.

And...I have been dying to share this little beauty (above) with you since she flew into to my life on Valentine's Day but every time I have sat down and fired Elsie Mac up, my plans to post have been scuppered.

So, Rhiannon I totally apologise for the delay in showing off your talents!!
I have to say I was so chuffed with your gifts and over the moon with my Rubie Magpie, you wouldn't believe. 
At present she comes everywhere with me.
Can't decide where to put her and leaving her hanging around could prove dangerous as Mini Magpie already has her beady eyes on her.

For those of you lovely peeps just tuning in {Welcome!} I must fill you in on how and why my magnificent magpie came to land in my neck of the woods.
She arrived with along with a whole load of other goodies as part of a swap I took part in.

The I Love Hearts " swap hosted by the lovely Shelley over @ all4meggymoo
What a lot of heart shaped goodies that made their way into our homes all because of you!
Actually, what a lot of heart shape lovely-ness full stop.
Never seen so much!
And, when it came to the handmade item you had to make and send your partner, what a lot of thought everyone put in.
Fab job everyone and...
Well done Shelley!
What a fantastic job you did hun!

Lots of lovely people {full list of swap partners here} took part.
I was paired up with Rhiannon over @ Me, Myself & I.
After stalking, sorry,(cough) chatting to Rhiannon and bombarding her with a million questions, we exchanged our gifts via snail mail.
Result-the arrival of 'Happy Mail'

What a lucky Magpie was I? Thank you so much Rhiannon!

And thank you as well, for sending stickers for Mini Magpie.
They went down very well, keeping her entertained as I opened my pressies.
She created this lovely piece of art for me with them.
Adding "I love these stickers mummy and I love you too"

If you haven't popped by Me, Myself & I , make it your next stop!
You won't be disappointed!! 
A crochet queen!
I can but only dream to be one!!

Here's what I sent to Rhiannon
Very baking orientated but I thought that Rhiannon and her daughter H could have some fun.
It turns out that we both have little princesses that are very similar ages so I thought one rainy day, it might help to entertain.
For my handmade item, I made Rhiannon a 'feltie friend'.
Her WIP name was Snuffle~

Thank you again and was really nice to get to know you!

Before I go off to make a brew, I just wanted to welcome Deborah over @ Bee Happy. Lots of absolutely gorgeous ideas for your home can be found here. Well worth a read!
And the very talented ( although she claims to only be in training! ) artist Pam Dearmond over @ Pamdearmond art and as well to Katarina K @ My Kite Song, thank you for introducing me to your creative space, I love fairy tales and never want to grow up so I feel at home here. Lastly, but by know means least, hello to Kippy all the way over in Brazil.
Welcome to Rubie Magpie, please enjoy your stay!

I would also like to send my apologies to Hilary over @ lemon loves, I had forgotten my password to the mail account where you sent me a very lovely message, thank you by the way! Once resolved, well, remembered {after many times of racking the creative cotton wool between my ears}, I found a lovely surprise waiting for me.
I had been nominated by Hilary for a Liebster Award - an award of appreciation given by bloggers to bloggers - you can find out more here on her delicious and inspiring blog. 

Bye for now... 

Have a nice evening!



  1. Lots of beautiful hearts :) have a happy week sweetie, glad you had a good day off.

    Bee happy x

  2. What a lovely swap! You received some gorgeous things. I love the hedgehog that you sent too! Too cute for words! And congratulations on your nomination award too! Karen x

  3. So glad you liked everything, especially the magpie, I was worried it would look 'magpie-y' enough!! I am making the most of my gifts on these cold grey days with lots of baking :)
    Thank you Haylie!!

  4. Hi there ... just popped over from Oooh Betty ... so glad I did ... I am now happy follower ... Bee x

  5. Just popped by to let you know I'm having a free giveaway. Would love you to enter! Bye for now Karen x :)

  6. Yay I am up and running! just need to post now :)
    Thanks for your help lovely.


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