14 February 2013

You make my heart go BOOOOOOMMM!!!

A view through 68 cut out hearts by my own fair hands for my little brother's wedding stationery.

Happy Valentine's to you all!!
Is LOVE in the air today?
Is LOVE all around? (thanks Marti Pellow! Shall be watching Notting Hill later!)
What is the meaning of LOVE to you?
For me, it's a great big hug!!
LOVE them!!

Hope cupid works his magic today!!



  1. and happy valentine's day to you too (:

  2. Love is the most beautiful and precious and most strong and enduring energy there is xx and it is indeed all around us xx

  3. Happy Valentines!!!! Today means that I feel so grateful for the love of my precious family and friends...oh and choccies Karen xx

  4. Happy Valentine's DAy!



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