05 February 2013

Totally Random...

 ...and needed to share.

Oh my word!!
Very more-ish!
Tooooo more-ish!
Who would have thought it??
Seaweed flavoured Pringles!
They are now my favourite snack in this whole wide universe.
They arrived here, to tickle my taste buds all the way from Thailand.
And tickle they did!
It's probably a darn good job they can not be found in Asda* (*other supermarkets are available) as I think I would have shares in them.
Although, as they look like they do on the tin...(Yes, it's true, they really are 'green' coloured Pringles)...
If I did keep eating them I would probably turn the same colour.
That's what my moma used to say...
"If you carry on eating all those, you start to look like one"
She also used to say if I had a frown on my face...
"If the wind changes, you'll stay like that"
Please to say that it hasn't!!
But I imagine if I continued to eat this lots and lots of this delectable delight, I might turn out like greedy little Violet Beauregarde did in Willy Wonka and Chocolate Factory (1971 version, the best, my all time favourite movie) when she turns blue!!
We'd make a right pair!
I'm sure they say 'Blue and Green should never be seen' though.
Maybe there is a lot of 'E' numbers in this snack.
A final note about my new found foody love, if all else fails, I can call our local chinese takeaway and order crispy seaweed in a little foil carton.
Not much difference there then.
I'd just preferred the idea of Seaweed crisps.

On another foody treat note...
Out and a about last week, I found giant sizes bis-quits!!
Fancy that?!
Oooo with a brew, yes please!

P.s I am still on with my 'I love hearts' swap package and will be giving it to Mr Posty this weekend. Will post pics after my swap partner, Rhiannon over at Me, Myself and I has received it.

And welcome to Rubie Magpie Claire from over @ Mad Maison. Pop over and say hi to Claire, I'm really enjoying catching up with her shenanigans and I've fallen for Wolfie xx


  1. Where did the Pringles come from?? My hubby wants some!

    1. Wish I could tell you it was Tescos, especially as the tube is almost empty but they made their way back from Thailand x

  2. I have the day off work and now I am running as I type to the supermarket!!! Hope its not going to be another obsession!! they would look good on my shelves though! Yumsville!!! Oh and those huge biscuits are making me dribble haha!!Thanks for sharing and have a lovely weekend. Karen ;) x


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