17 January 2012

Hello Peeps!!

Just wanted to drop you all a line and hope you're evening is going well? 

Also, I really wanted to explain my lack of posts so far... 

I am new to this very exciting world of blogging, so hope that I am forgiven for this. Just to keep you all in the loop, I am, at the moment, working on the design and the layout of my blog at the same time as finding my way around so please bare with me and hopefully stay tuned as I hope to keep adding new snippets most days. Today I thought I would add my banner, hope you like? 

Yesterday though, I found out that I had been awarded the:

by my very best friend at all4meggymoo, thank you, I feel really honoured as I have only been a blogger for such a short space of time and still finding my feet. Thank you for all your encouragement! So over the next few days, I will now follow in your foot steps and nominate five up and coming blogs on my page to keep the spirit going...

The origins of the Liebster blog are somewhat unclear, however the general consensus is the German award meaning nearest and dearest is awarded to up and coming blogs with less than 200 followers in order to showcase these blogs.

The rules are:

♥ Choose 5 blogs with less than 200 followers to award the Liebster Blog Award.

  Say 'Thank You' the the blogger that gave you the by linking back to their blog.

  List the 5 blogs you nominate and link back to their blogs.

So watch this space for my nominated beautiful blogs and more from Rubiemagpie...

Wishing you all sweet dreams...

Love lots xx

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