29 January 2012

Sitting here wondering...

Hello peeps!

Hope you are all well! It's been a funny old week this week, some good bits and some not so. Not really sure where it has gone either or what I have done, but I thought I would post as I know one thing for sure I have been engrossed in this magical world of story telling that my fellow blog peeps are telling about what they have been up to. 

There are soooo many, tooooo many, wonderful, inspirational and crafty blogs out there, I've been totally side tracked, all a credit to their makers, and have made me loose myself completely. The little cogs in the old grey matter have been turning like there's no tomorrow. I have been so inspired I just don't know which way to turn, so as of tomorrow, 'Operation Organisation of the Rubie Magpie will begin....

...Where to start, o' where to start, that is the question... I feel a list coming on haha!!

I have one little snippet to share with you, I have been asked to create some birthday invitations this week and here's the chosen one*, please let me know your thoughts...

(*all party details displayed are fictional) 

Till next time, thanks for popping by xx

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