07 January 2012

Back to normality

Howdee Doodee!! 

What a week! I trust the first week back at work for you all has gone well? 

Back to normality after the festivities is always a shock to the system, so after taking my Christmas decks down the day before I returned to work added to my sadness. I love to see all the sparkles and twinklies that come out throughout December, old films on the TV and cosying up at night. This year I have inherited some of my favourite decorations from my childhood that my Nan would put out every year. Sadly, she passed in July, so was so pleased to be able to add them to my collection as I really wanted them to continue to see the light of day. They looked very cute grouped together on my window sill, even though they are funny looking little wooden ornaments but I hold them dear none the less, I'd like to share them with you and some of the other decks I had out this year!

I also really wanted to create a bit of a woodland theme this Christmas, inspired by my trip earlier this year to Cannon Hall Country Park. After gathering a rather large amount of fir cones, which helped my theme along, have proved their weight in gold and come in very useful dotted in-between my creatures.

Today, though, has been one of the best days of my week!! 
It turned my frown upside down!! 

My very best friend, who I believe is a master in the art of Crochet (she is A-MA-ZING!!) over at All4meggymoo came round to my house and taught an old dog, some new tricks. 
I couldn't believe my peepers, still can't as I look at my first ever Granny Square taking its shape. How is it possible to use one little hook to create something so cool??  I have been wanting to learn how to crochet for an age now and today, with the help of one very lovely and patient BF, thank you Shelley!, by jov, I think I've cracked it!! Still a mighty long way to go but I did say that I wanted to learn new things in 2012 and I guess the ball has started rolling today!!

Here's what I have achieved! 

Thanks for popping in!

 Much Love xx


  1. Im looking forward to seeing more completed squares

  2. Hi - keep up with the crochet, those colours are gorgeous!!! lol x

  3. Thank you Laura, Thank you for your encouragement and following Rubiemagpie x


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