23 January 2012

A Little Birdie told me...

Hello There!!

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!  I thought I would drop you a line to say 'Hi' out there in 
Blogland. It was a very, very windy day yesterday where I live, I wish the weather would make up it's mind as to what it actually wants to do, it's supposed to be Winter here in the UK and the 
poor wildlife around these here parts, doesn't know whether it's coming or going. Still, it gave 
me the opportunity to sift through some old photographs of projects I created last year. At the 
same time I'd like to share with you one of my beautiful cats who I caught catching some 
rays from the safety of our spare room window sill as the wind was blowing a gale outside. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I introduce you to Mr "Max" our tremendously fluffy cat! Our other little 'kitkat' is very shy (frightened of his own shadow at times) so I will introduce him to you another day.

So... back to my find, I hope you like them and it may give you an insight into the kind of things I like to create and make for fun.

Back in January '11, my friend Lucy asked me to help create her wedding stationery for her up and coming nuptials that took place last June. Only tooooo happy to oblige...

...I'd just like to fill you on something here, one of my favourite things on this planet is Weddings, I absolutely love them and all that comes with them, especially the stationery side.  You'll find me usually covered in beads, sequins, buttons, ribbons and glitter, I guess that's why I'm like a magpie, I just love the sparkly things!!  I am married myself and thank the Lord, my wonderful 'husb' wasn't a bit put off by all of this and I suppose, could find me to propose under my mountains of wedding paraphernalia, I guess he understands how much I love helping other brides with the preparations for their very 'special' day and making it unique to them.

Sorry, I digress, I'm good at that too ; ) Where was I? Oh yeah, Lucy's stationery... Only to happy to oblige, we set to work creating her invites that would incorporate her bridal party's colours and set the tone for the day. After these were completed and safely distributed, we began to think about favours, place cards, the table plan etc. Remembering that while out shopping for ribbons one day, we'd stumbled into a shop that had a rather random collection of bits n bobs on its shelves and where Lucy was rather taken with these cardboard birds on display, so with her venue in mind, being rather rustic and set in the countryside, I designed her place cards to look like these little guys below:

Initially they were going to be attached to the top of the hessian favour bags to help them look like nesting birds but in the end we decided to glue mini pegs to their reverses and clip them onto the top of the wine glasses for something a bit different for her guests at their tables. 

After Lucy's very splendid and special day, still loving her little birdies, I adapted them to make her thank you cards so that even guests who were unable to attend could share the love!!

Well, time for a cup of tea for me so I will bid you sweet dreams till next time.

Thanks for popping by!


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