15 July 2012

Be Hold! Treasures (part 1)

Discovering forgotten treasures has been something I've found myself doing a lot of  recently. Charity shops just seem to draw me in. What can I say! I'm just so nosey, can't resist a peek inside to see what I can find. 
To see what people think they have no use for any more. Well, what is it they say?  "One mans loss is another mans gain"

Here are a few I'd like to share:

Wit-woo! Fab additions to my growing chintzy china collection. 5 gorgeous soup bowls. I could curse Ikea for persuading the ladies in my family to dispose of all things as beautiful as these lovelies.

And this beautifully illustrated children's book by Mabel Lucie Attwell. I fell in love with these chubby little cherubs. I knew of the British illustrator Lucie Attwell but never before come across any of her books. Simply wonderful and all based on her daughter Peggy, so cute!.  Kinda reminded me of how Mini Magpie is right now, all cute and squidgy. It has that really old but sweet smelling paper smell about it too. Couldn't resist!!

Love this! They have built a "Bird Scarer Man" to help protect daddy's plants.

My favourite type of books growing up were the ones that rhymed and this one is doesn't disappoint. It had to come home with me.

And in amongst some papers on the book shelf, another Lucie Attwell made an appearance. This little bathing beauty titled " I like it here!" well,I'm glad you do as I like you here too, at my house. 



  1. Love your soup bowls, what a find! Oh and Mabel Lucie Attwell is charming!
    Victoria x

  2. I have a thing about children books too and this is amazing! I specially love the warm colors, aren't they amazing? (: I am going to make a little search about the author ;) have a nice day!

  3. How is it when I go charity shopping I just don't find the lovely things you find?
    Lush soup bowls x

  4. Hello!
    how cheery those children's books are...
    Mabel and Lucie Attwell too!
    Just so charming!
    Love Maria x

  5. Treasure....how I love treasure and those books are gorgeous.

    Happy weekend to you,

    Nina xxx

  6. I have been such a slack blogger lately and have missed lots of your lovely posts!
    I love your gorgeous goodies, those bowls are soooooo great. JEALOUS! xxx


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