06 April 2012

Cute As A Button!

How do you get from here...? Millions and Squillions of beautiful buttons

...to here?

I really wanted an extra special, yet different gift from the norm for our friends' little girl. As she not only turns one tomorrow but it will also be the day that she is Baptised. This called for the "Thinking Cap". I thought something handmade would be just the ticket. Something that no one else will have and will be unique to her.

Looking back over my Pinterest boards. I remembered pinning a button monogram idea that caught my eye a while ago. The original is by Jen Jockisch and click her name for her tutorial.

Here's how I created my own 'Button Monogram'.

Things I needed and used:

• A Box Frame ( I used a 14" x11" for image size A4 )
• Buttons (lots of different sized pink buttons)
• Hot Glue Gun
• Foam Board
• A3 White Card
• Double sided Tape

I started by printing out a template of the letter I wanted to create and a boundary box so that when it came to fitting it into my frame, I knew it would and I wouldn't have over or under estimated its size. Also, at this point, I thought it would be even more personal to add the child's name and date of birth, so on printing my template those were added too.

Next step, begin to add the buttons. Hmmm! Something's not quite right here for me. Even though my monogram was taking shape, it looked very flat. Both in height and colour. Too much white.

So I printed out my letter onto pink pearl card and attached it to foam board rather than foam pads to give it the height, depth and colour I thought it was lacking.

I used foam board rather than foam pads as I thought when all the buttons are attached later on, it would be more stable and less likely to sink under the weight of the pretties.

Let the button attaching fun begin... 

Using the hot glue gun, I created a base layer of buttons first and then worked in another button layer on top into areas where I thought looked a little sparse. 

Once happy with how my finished button letter looked, I then attached it to the backing board using the hot glue gun to keep it secure in it's new home, 'The Frame' : )

Voilà!  Here you go, one unique present for a very special little girl who is 'Cute as a Button'.

Hope she likes it!



  1. This is so beautiful and such a clever idea! I'm sure she'll be one very happy baby!! Well done you.... lol x

    1. Hi Laura, just wanted to say thank you for leaving me such a lovely comment, hope all is well in your corner of blogland xx

  2. Wow thats Amazing hun! fab fab job. :)

    1. Thank you huni, I really hope they like it! x


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