22 April 2012

My "Get up and Go...

... has got up and gone!!! "

"Cute phrase" I thought, said by Mamma Magpie (my wonderful mum) last week and pretty much summed up how I have been feeling too. So, I'm so sorry for my lack of posts since Easter. I realise now that even though my work load at work has been one of the tightest deadlines I have ever had to meet, I have also been doing more cool stuff than I thought. I'd like to share some of it with you over the next few days if I may...

...Starting with this dish that was deeee-lish. Made for our Easter 'Splendid Buffet' at work. Every so often, mostly for special occasions or if deadlines are getting us down and we need a bit of a morale boost, we each, and there are now 18 of us in the studio, bring in a dish and have a lunchtime feast. Hence, the name 'Splendid Buffet'. With 18 different dishes what could be a better way to make your day!!

My contribution was

It's one of my favourites at the moment, sooooo easy to make, very filling and full of all things good for you. Here's the recipe if you think it might tickle your taste buds. 

Once cooled, cut into squares and serve. I usually enjoy it with a nice mixed salad, don't seem to need to add anything else. Hope you like it, let me know it you do.



  1. Oh my word - that sounds soooooo good.


    Nina x

  2. Hi Nina, hope you're ok this evening! Lovely to hear from you again. If you fancy making it, please let me know what you think won't you? You won't be dis-ap-pointed : ) xx


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