23 April 2012

Magpie's New Patch

Still in the very early stages but very eager to share as I can't contain my excitement (yes, I'm SAD, I know) any longer...

For a while now, I have anchored after my own space to grow my own 'bed-ee-tubles' as Mini Magpie calls them (that will be veggies to you and I, haha! don't worry I'm still getting to grips with 2 year old talk, Love it!!)

So Mr Magpie and I have constructed a Veg bed to accommodate my green fingers in our garden. It's in a good spot that gets the sun, shade and a fence as a wind break.

Ermm...well, I shouldn't take any of the credit here on the building side. I just sat watching Mr Magpie from a very nice, dry, comfy spot in our living room  with a hot cup of tea in hand, while he tackled this out door project in the rain. Clearly the heavens were just topping us up with some much needed rain, it certainly loosened our clay soil so it did make it easier to stake the bed in. 

The April showers don't appear to be letting up in my neck of the woods or do the cold nights. Too cold to plant anything out, so at least I can get our new 'bedee-tuble' bed kitted out before planting out. I do have veggie news though, so if you have time, please pop over to Magpie's Patch for a 'Marto Pant' update.

Will keep the pics of the 'patch' coming...if this rain ever stops!! : )

Thanks for popping by


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