26 April 2012

Raindrops keep falling on my head...

Will Mr Rain ever stop?? He is gate crashing my days! Not to mention ruining my shoes. I must buy new wellies.

Today, he also brought his friend Hail along with him this afternoon, I don't remember his name on the list... 

So, housebound for the rest of this afternoon, I decided to use up the last of my egg supply before my next fresh delivery from the hen house. Wish I could say at this point they were my hens but with the 'KitKats' always on the prowl, ruling this roost as they do, they would be too scared to lay. So our very kind friends who do have, keep us in a good supply, we're so lucky!!

I just had to share my puts with you. Haha! There was one that came out of the oven the size of Mini Magpie's shoe!! We just couldn't believe our peepers. Tasted very nice too!! Couldn't resist. 


P.S **Update** **Update** **Update** **Update** **Update**              

I just wanted to let you know I am still on with learning to crochet, I've moved onto my next challenge, the "double". Still loving every minute of this craft. I will post photos asap. 

I am also working on a " learn a stitch a month" project and would hopefully like to invite other beginners to join me and post their results. By the end of this year, the idea would be that we would all have learnt the basics thoroughly and can see light at the end of the tunnel, well hope anyways, to be like you fabulous crocheters who simply dazzle my mind with your talents. I wish, I wish to be like you! 

What do you think? Good idea??  xx


  1. Love your blog. Just found you. Pleased as punch to be follower number 14!

    Be back soon.

    Love Katie xxx

    1. Hiya Katie, and Welcome! Very pleased to meet you! Your beautiful comment really has brightened and made my day as it is still raining! haha! Thank you so much! Look forward to your return to Rubie Magpie. Take care RM xx

  2. Wowsers indeed! thats an amazing Yorkshire pud! I can't make yorkshires which is pretty lame as I am a Yorkshire lass so I need your secret, those puds are beauties!:)

    1. Hiya! haha! up until this time last year, me neither lisa, so ever time these babies take over my over I'm still shocked. Before I tell you my secret, I just have to say, I didn't use any oil either, just poured the mixture straight into a cold tray...

  3. Hi! You are you?
    I am really really happy you are keeping the crochet, I think you will love it! What is this "learn a stitch a month?" (:

  4. Hi Sara, I'm good thank you! How are you? I must apologise firstly, I'm still on with my questions for the 'Tag" game you sent me plus I need a nice pic of me to add, can't seem to find one as it's always me taking the photos. I will crack on with it though and link back.

    I'm sooooo happy to still be crocheting too. Just love it! Well my thoughts behind it were, and it still needs fine tuning but as I crocheted lots of squares for my 'Treble Stitch Challenge' last month or the month before, gosh this year is flying, what if I created more squares, and gave myself a month to learn each stitch, I could eventually make a blanket, maybe use it as reference for the basic stitches but it would be the first proper thing I would have crocheted too, then I thought it would be nice to do it with others who are learning like me to encourage us to keep it up. Still needs thought behind it, doesn't it? xx

    1. Hello! I just saw your question on my blog! You see, you can add reply when you want to reply to someone in your own blog. This person will not know (by e-mail), but, for example, when I make a question in someone else's blog I usually go there after a while to see if they answered me.

      I usually do it in two ways, sometimes I respond in my own blog but when the person making the comment is just a once-in-a-while visitor I go and answer in their own blog, because it is easier for them to get the answer and sometimes you can find some really neat blogs while you're doing it ;)

      I am not a very good blogger myself, I keep it very simple!

      I will try to make a post trying to teach some crochet patterns! I think the blanket idea is really great, I am making one myself and is taking way to long but I think in the end it's going to pay off! I cvan't wait to see your final result!

      Have a nice weekend!

    2. Hi Sara, Hope your having a good weekend so far! It's still raining here but not stopping us from doing nice things. I just wanted to say 'Thank you so much' for taking the time to help me with answering my questions and maybe posting so easy crochet patterns ; ) All very much appreciated! Look forward to speaking to you soon. Take care xx


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