24 April 2012

Pitter Patter...Pitter Patter...

" It's Raining, It's Pouring, a new baby we'll soon be adoring"

Last week, saw me designing, making and trimming up my house with lots of baby shower bunting and streamers for a friend of mine, K, who is expecting to hear the pitter patter of tiny feet any day now. Hee he! How exciting!

I met K at a local baby group just after Mini Magpie was born. I also met M, D, J and A as we all had our babies very close together. Four of our babies infact are just days apart. We are having one big 'We Are Two' party this year. Combining has made it a lot easier.

We all see one another at least once a week. We chat, eat biscuits and drink tea while the 'kidney beans' (my word for little ones) play away, happily together. Actually, they all play very well together. It's lovely to see.

Anyways, ah! yeah, we also started to meet for a much needed, kidney bean free (unless chilli is on the meal, sorry, couldn't resist) "mummies meal out". 

Last month, we decided that as it might be the last meal out for one of our mummies for a while before the imminent arrival of K's third precious bundle of joy. All in agreement, our next meet would be at my house for a take away and a little soiree to wish her well. 

I know baby showers aren't exactly as well known over here in the UK as they are in the States, but as I was lucky enough to have been thrown one before Mini Magpie was born, and  it was such a nice feeling celebrating the next adventure in my life with close family and friends, I wanted to return the favour. Plus the fact A and I are the only two out of the six of us who had ever been to one, we thought it would be nice to throw a mini one for K and indulge in a mid week treat at the same time.

What could be better than a nice evening with friends, a new baby on the way and a take out? 

A goody bag or basket should I say, that's what! Filled with baby essentials from us all in preparation of the arrival .

Can't wait to meet you little one.



  1. Hi there
    Just wanted to say a big thank you for stopping by my little blog. Thought I'd drop by your place and say hello too!
    Have been reading all your lovely posts and will look forward to following from now on.
    Keep in touch
    Best wishes Sophie

    1. Hiya Sophie, Great to hear from you and I was so glad to stubble across your blog, it's a lovely read. I'm looking forward to following your adventures.
      I also have to say, I absolutely love your garden, before and as it is now. It has some much character, something that our garden lacks at the mo. Naughty tenant for letting such a beautifully designed outdoor room slide. I have no doubts though that it will make a come back even better than before, I can't wait to see!!

      Very nice to meet you anyways Sophie

      Take care till next time

      RM x

  2. I'm going to a baby shower next week - I'm very excited!! I can't wait to cuddle the new baby who is due in 3 weeks time, I love newborns my babies are 17 and 15 now. Time really does pass by so quickly xx

    1. Hi, You are so right, time goes by toooooo quickly. Mini Magpie will be two in June, I really don't know where those two years have gone. K's baby will be the first newborn baby I have held since her. I think I'll be so nervous holding such a tiny human again but can't wait either : )

      I hope you have a fabulous time, please let me know how the shower goes won't you?


      RM x

  3. That is lovely and congrats to your friend (in advance of course)

    Hello in return and thanks for the lovely message.

    Nina x

  4. Hi Nina, thank you! and I meant every word in my message too! When I tuned in today, I noticed you are just one away from 300 now, you must be thrilled??

    Look forward to catching up with you soon. Thanks again for stopping by.



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