04 April 2012


...off to the 'Easter Parade' we go...

Mini Magpie came home from nursery yesterday with a letter in her bag yesterday.

"Dear Parents...

We are having an Easter Bonnet Competition here at the nursery. We would like you and your child to decorate a hat with an Easter Theme." 

So far so good I'm liking what I'm reading, my first proper parent project that I have been waiting to tackle, so I read on.

"The hats will be judged on the afternoon of Thursday 5th April 2012." 

What? That gives me a day, or an evening in my case as I am at work all day tomorrow (today) to come up with not only a theme but bits for bonnet arrghh!!

"With 1st, 2nd and 3rd all winning a prize. So get cracking!! "

Get cracking? What's a mummy Magpie to do for her first attempt? Time's not exactly on my side for this project, not to mention one slight technical problem, how can I get my 21 month old to co operate in assisting with the decorations. So... I made an executive decision and "cracked" on with it myself.  I'll just show her it in the morning when she gets up. "Hey Mini Magpie look what the Easter Bunny left you to wear" She'll never know, less messy this way!

What do the 'kids' like to craft with these days? I'm a child of the sticky back plastic era, along with "what couldn't you do with the odd toilet roll tube?" Must think like a little person here! After my shop is complete, it seems reverting back to thinking like a child comes a bit too easy to me. I've discovered since the birth of Mini Magpie, I'm still a big kid at heart. With the bits and bobs purchased in my lunch break. I leave work on time to make a start.

Armed with buttons, pipe cleaners, mini bun cases from our kitchen cupboard, mini ' Pock Pocks' (Mini Magpie's name for Chickens, God love her! ) and a hat found in a £1 shop, I set to work.

First, Spring flower. Every bonnet should have flowers, right?

Next the cheeky little 'Pock Pocks' and oh yes! they will need nests. I'm on a roll here I think. The evening is flying by and i'm getting side tracked. Not good! I have to be up at 6am to get ready for work. 

A thought popped into my head while my chicks were nesting. Didn't I buy Mini Magpie some bunny ears? I did, now where are they? Found them and also a pretend flower garland. I can use this to cover an unsightly edges around my, whoops! Mini's hat. Brilliant! All Finished!

Cup of Tea time. Oh Yes!

So, here it is! All set for the Easter Parade...

Happy Easter everyone! Will let you know how Mini Magpie gets on at nursery. Fingers crossed! 


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