06 May 2012

Sharing makes the world go round!!!

Herman has been fed again and is now ready to be set free, run wild and live on in the houses of three of my friends. 

Tomorrow is my Little Herman's Big Day! The moment of truth, his calling, his one true vocation in this life!! Ok, ok! hands up if you think I'm losing it now?? 

Bake Day!! Day 10!!

Oh! and thank you to Mini Magpie for the loan of your fairies!! Mummy couldn't think of better icons to use to illustrate her friends ; )


1 comment:

  1. Hi! How are you!
    So I am actually here to ask about the fairies! Where did you get them? I love toys and they are so cute!!
    They look like pinipons, do you know them? ( http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-d3JTqRH_goc/TZ2IxgVaszI/AAAAAAAAASw/b5ojxqzdMkI/s1600/pinipon02.jpg )
    Have a nice day!


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