01 May 2012

Feeding time...

Just a quick update post on my friendship cake tonight. Apparently food is on his agenda.

Also, I was asked yesterday (by a friend of mine, hello! to you CW) how mini magpie did in the Easter Bonnet competition she entered at nursery. I'm so sorry I forgot to post about the results. Unfortunately, we didn't come anywhere this time (hand on heart, this wasn't the reason I forgot to post, honestly it wasn't). Nevermind, there is always next year! Funnily enough though, she wouldn't wear it on the day but hasn't taken it off since! 

Thanks for dropping by. Till next time...

Oh! nearly forgot...

...Last but by no means least, Nina at Tabiboo has recently reached her 300 followers mark, fab news! Congrats to you Nina! I can only dream of what reaching out to that many wonderful peeps would feel like but her little corner of blogland is so worth a looksey, so please pop in to visit. Even better at the moment as well... To celebrate, Nina is having a 'giveaway' of a bundle of fabulous treasures. You gotta be in to win it as they say. Go on, pop over an have a peek you really won't be disappointed!! 



  1. Good morning!

    My sister made this cake at Christmas, but she kind of kind of didn't get the bit about friendship. She baked the cake and then handed it out rather then pass on the fermenting bit!

    Anyhoo - it does look lovely and I must give it a go - if only to pass it on properly to my little sis.

    Have a lovely day and........thank you :0)

    Nina xxxxx

    1. Hi Nina,

      Orrh! that's so sweet of your sis! Bless her! xxx


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