08 May 2012

The proof is in the pudding...

...or is it in the eating??

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls...Let me introduce you to the marvellous, the most delicious, splendid smelling cake to be baked in our house to date! It smelt like Christmas, I tells thee!! After 10 whole days of waiting... He came, we ate and that was that !! Gone in a flash!

Let me tell you though, he was well worth the wait. Wait a minute, I've just realised, I'm sat here shaking my head. What am I doing? I am talking about a cake like he was my BBF. Who ever thought of this cake can be though. What a treat!!! Thank you!

Here's a few pics of what happened next to my mixture from Day 9 to Day 10 Bake Day:

Well, this friendship has come to an end for now...but Herman you will not be forgotten, forever in our heart, enjoyed very much by our tummies!!

Sweet dreams everyone



  1. The cake looks great! I have never seen a cake taking that long to make! It sure looks yummy!

    1. It was so worth the wait Sara, especially with the addition of a scoop of ice cream!! You must try it! RM xx


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