11 May 2012

Hooky Love

I am well and truly, 100% madly, deeply in love with crochet. Just to bring my new treasured followers ( Hello to you! so glad you popped in to say Hi! ) up to speed, this year I decided I must learn to crochet. So in January this year my challenge began. 

I didn't get very far very fast, I have to admit BUT... in February I was set a challenge by the lovely All4meggymoo that give me the kick up the behind I needed. I haven't looked back since, here are my results. 

This got me thinking... I must do more to make myself keep this craft up so I am working on little project, " Learn a Stitch a Month " (W.I.P title), open to all crochet beginners to hopefully encourage others to join me and post their results of the chosen stitch that month and we can compare notes.

I guess the idea is by the end of this year we should be a step further on with our crochet know-how and have learnt some basic crochet stitches thoroughly. I'm hoping that I will see light at the end of the tunnel, with new skills learnt, I could be on my away (one foot on the ladder) to  being like you fabulous crocheters who simply dazzle my mind with your talents. We shall see, it's definitely food for thought and work in progress. If nothing comes of this, at least  I could eventually make a massive blanket, maybe use it as reference for the basic stitches.

In the mean time I have started my birdie decoration with the help of All4meggymoo, we didn't get very far, the evening just run away with us but I am now able to say that I can crochet in rounds (as above) as I just get repeating what I learnt and I'm loving every minute of it.

I heart crochet!! 


**Update** **Update** **Update** **Update** **Update**  **Update**  **Update**            

I also have 'Marto Pants' news, it's not much really as the rain and frost that we have had recently has prevented me from establishing my tomato plants in the new Magpie's Patch but I did transfer them from my house into my potting shed (a.k.a, at one time, the summer house). They seem to be loving it in there as they are thriving. 

Here they are, waving from their new home, for the time being aways.


  1. Hi Rubie I can't believe I haven't made a comment on your progress in crochet! It took me actually a lot of time to learn how to "control" the round part in crochet, but I think you are doing a fantastic job! I can't wait to see the final birdy!

    To answer to your post in my blog, I have so many work from university, that I can hardly take a breath. At the same time I have decided I would stop have such a sedentary life and I started to exercise more and to take some big walks. And although this is great for me, unfortunately I start to lose some of the time I have to blog. But hey, it is just a matter of organization! :D

    I hope you are having a fantastic time!

    1. Hi Sara, I've just written you an essay of a reply to the above over on your blog, but realised I didn't say thank you for your very kind comments about but my hooky love. So thank you!! Your words are very encouraging to me. I still haven't got any further with my birdie but it is next on my list of 'Must Finish'. Will post real soon. Thank you again RM xx


Just wanted to say a 'BIG' thank you for taking the time out to leave your comments. Forgive me for not responding straight away but rest assure I WILL asap as I really appreciate your thoughts. Much love and thanks in advance Rubie Magpie xx